Here’s an Easy Way to Track NPCs and Quests in Elden Ring

Elden Ring
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Elden Ring is an intentionally obscure game, but now there’s a companion app for players who want a little help navigating the Lands Between. The Shattered Ring iOS app is an “RPG tracker to help you track notes for and the status of important NPCs, locations and quests,” the app’s website states.

With Shattered Ring, you can record important details about Elden Ring side quests like the quest giver, the location you need to visit to complete the quest and any objectives you need to complete. It also lets you keep track of the main quest, points of interest on the map and optional boss fights, which is especially useful if you encounter a boss you’re not strong enough to beat just yet.

FromSoftware intentionally avoided adding a quest log to Elden Ring because they wanted players to uncover the story in a more natural way. Lots of players are enjoying this style of storytelling, but it does become increasingly harder to keep track of everything as you progress through the game.

The app’s designer, Dachary Carey, told VGC that he designed Shattered Ring because “I wanted to enjoy playing this game so badly that I wrote my very first app to solve what I think is a big accessibility barrier for a ton of more casual gamers like myself.”

“I played Elden Ring for two hours with a notebook. I could barely make sense of my chicken scratches. I knew if I got 20 or 100 hours into the game, my notes would be a jumbled mess,” Carey wrote on the app’s website. “I wanted an iPhone app that would allow me to easily track NPCs, locations and quests. I couldn’t find one on the App Store, so I wrote one, modelled after a task tracker app. I designed it to be easy to enter, find, and update info about RPG games. It works great as a campaign tracker for D&D and other TTRPGs, too!”

Shattered Ring is available on the App Store for $2.99 and is coming to Android soon.

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