Elden Ring Has Been Reimagined as a Tilt-Shift Animation — and It’s Beautiful

A screenshot of the Tarnished entering the Church of Elleh from Flurdeh's Elden Ring tilt shift video.
YouTube / Flurdeh

Elden Ring is very good at making your skin crawl. There are birds with swords bolted to their legs, a boss who’s grafted extra arms to his body, a wearable helmet that’s simply a preserved octopus and, my personal least favourite, spiders made entirely of fingers. It’s a no from me. But someone took another look at the game through a tilt-shift camera and, wow, it actually looks nice!

YouTuber Flurdeh used a tilt-shift effect to reimagine Elden Ring as a miniature world with “its tiny inhabitants waddling around going on about their lives.” In Flurdeh’s Elden Ring tilt-shift video, the Lands Between look more like a top-down isometric action game than the third-person RPG we’re used to. It’s giving Diablo vibes, or even Tunic if we’re really embracing the cute and cosy aspect.

In the video, we see the Tarnished enter the Church of Elleh as golden leaves fall to the ground outside. We see a Site of Grace drawing in a glowing aura in the ruins of a church. A Glintstone dragon prowls among giant crystals that only just come into focus with the tilt-shift perspective. The eerie dancing women in the Windmill Village look like they’re happily dancing at a festival from this distance. There’s Miriel the turtle, looking pensive as ever. We even see the finger spiders scuttling along the ground. They’re still creepy, though.

There are lots more scenes in the full video — and it doesn’t spoil any late-game surprises or bosses — so check it out here:

The new camera angle gives us a whole new perspective on Elden Ring. A wider lens from a higher position lets us see more of the colourful and incredibly detailed environments. That’s what Flurdeh’s channel is all about: “Exploring memorable, atmospheric and beautiful locations in video game worlds both old and new in a series of videos dedicated to preserving these places and the beauty of videogames accompanied with game ambience or music related to the games.”

It really shows how beautiful Elden Ring is — when you’re not being terrorised by a boss or those damn finger spiders.

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