Fall Guys Is Finally Coming to Switch and Xbox — and It’s Free

Artwork for Fall Guys Free to Play season one.

The delightfully cheerful Fall Guys is finally making its debut on Switch and Xbox on June 21 and, to sweeten the pot even further, from then on it’ll be free to play on every platform.

They’re just two of the announcements that were made in a special stream earlier today, which also revealed new cosmetics for people who have previously bought the game, a next-gen PS5 version, cross-play between all platforms and more. Here’s everything that was announced in the stream:

  • Fall Guys will be free to play from June 21
  • It will be on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and the Epic Games Store
  • It will have cross-play between all platforms, so you can play with your friends no matter what console everyone’s on
  • It will also have cross-progression between all platforms, so you can keep your hard-earned skins
  • Anyone who previously bought Fall Guys on PlayStation or PC will receive the Legacy Pack, containing the Regal costume, the Veggie Dog costume, the Feisty Dwarf costume, a new nickname and nameplate plus the new season pass
  • A new PS5 version will feature faster load times and other performance upgrades
  • A new 100-level season will begin on June 21 with an optional season pass available to purchase
  • The new season will also introduce new obstacles and mini-games
  • Fall Guys will become an Epic Games exclusive on PC, but anyone who already owns it on Steam will continue to receive updates as usual.

You can pre-register for the Free for All version to unlock exclusive rewards and be among the first to hear about new features. The odd part is that the rewards you get will depend on how many people pre-register. The Keen Bean nameplate is unlocked at 500,000 registrations; at one million, you get 3,500 Kudos to spend in-game. The final reward, the Melonhead costume, is unlocked at reaching 2.5 million registrations. If you’re keen to help the team effort, you can pre-register for all platforms here.

One thing we’re even more excited for is the announcement that Fall Guys will be getting custom level creation in the near future. There’s no release date yet, but you’ll be able to drop in pre-built obstacles, platforms and paths to create unique mini-games. Level design was announced at the end of the stream, which you can watch here:

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