Fasffy Wants to Make You Feel Like You Belong: “That’s The Most Rewarding Feeling”

Australian streamer Fasffy wearing an ORDER Gaming hoodie.
Courtesy of Fasffy and ORDER

Meet Fasffy, the streamer, cosplayer, former esports manager and, now, the newest member of Australian esports and gaming organisation ORDER. Fasffy joined ORDER as a content creator and has big plans. “Part of the reason I joined ORDER is because they’re trying to make gaming more of an inclusive space,” she tells me. The first step in their plan is running regular Fortnite lobbies that are open to the public. Hosted by Fasffy, these lobbies will be a mix of competitive and casual gameplay nights where everyone is welcome. The vibe is “kind of like if you had a game night at your mate’s house. You know when it’s happening, everybody can show up and play if they want to. But they don’t even have to play, they can just be there if they want a drink or some snacks while still being in that atmosphere,” she says.

The first lobby will be on May 19 at 7pm, and will kick off the series with a few regular games of Fornite. Ahead of Fasffy and ORDER’s first Fortnite lobby, we spoke to the streamer about how she combines fashion and games, how games can make people feel like they belong and about some of the resources that are available to new streamers.

POPSUGAR Australia: Hello! You’re a variety streamer with a cosy stream and a huge audience. Can you tell us a bit about your channel?

Fasffy: Twitch is a live streaming service where I can basically do whatever it is I’m doing and share it in real-time with people. And you can do this with absolutely anything — you could pick cooking, sewing, do puzzles or LEGO — but I predominantly do it within the gaming space.

PS: You recently signed with ORDER, congratulations! What kind of content are you going to be making with them?

F: Most of my background actually revolves around esports and professional video games, and I’ve recently transitioned into creating content myself because I’ve become big enough for it to be a possibility for me. So the opportunity to be part of an organisation where I was a content creator was a big step for me and it was really exciting! And I think the biggest part of why I wanted to sign with ORDER was because the values that they, as an organisation, are making and upholding are some of the best. It crosses the line between this casual side of gaming and a professional or competitive side.

And they have really great values to support not only the competitive side, which is what my life has been up until now, but also the casual side where anybody can sit down and play games.

PS: Can you tell us about the Fortnite lobbies you’re going to be hosting with ORDER? How can we join?

F: Fortnite is the main game that I play, and it has such a wide community available to it that you can cross over between competitive and casual pretty easily. So we’re going to be running Fortnite lobbies where the community can be 100% involved. Part of the reason I joined ORDER is because they’re trying to make gaming more of an inclusive space for anyone to be in at any part of their life, and making these nights that anybody can join is kind of like if you had a game night at your mate’s house. You know when it’s happening, everybody can show up and play if they want to. But they don’t even have to play, they can just be there if they want a drink or some snacks while still being in that atmosphere. So this is kind of the vibe that we were going for with the Fortnite lobbies, and ORDER is really helping elevate it and make it a more exciting place to be.

We’re going to be doing that quite frequently, like twice a month, and we’re gonna have a nice mix of competitive Fortnite games, where the people who like the competitive side of things can play, and completely casual nights. It could be a fashion show where I pick a theme and everybody has to go into a game and customise their character to match it, kind of like a Halloween party. Or it could be just driving cars around a racetrack, which can be competitive or it can be super chill and fun.

We’re doing the first Fortnite lobby on May 19 at 7pm and I’m really excited to kick it off! We’re just going to be doing a stock standard game of Fortnite.

PS: That sounds so fun! How can we join?

F: You can follow my socials and the ORDER socials, where we’ll be letting everyone know when the lobbies are on.

PS: If people want to play but the lobby’s full, can they tune into your stream to watch the fun?

F: Yes, you can still watch and enjoy the funny things that happen or the really cool plays! And it’ll be for quite a good amount of time, between two to four hours.

PS: Fashion is important to you, and you’ve done cosplay in the past. Is fashion ever a part of your stream?

F: My viewers are always interested in what I’m wearing. I’ve had events that I’ve needed to go to and I’ll throw my ideas of what I’m gonna wear to my stream and they’ll give me feedback on it. I think it’s a really great space to share that kind of thing.

And I’ve made cosplays on my stream and they’ve watched me make it from start to finish. I plan to do more of that in the future as well. Cosplay was a huge thing for me crossing over between gaming and content creation. People will get an attachment to a character and build a lot of love for them, and then being able to make a cosplay and embody that character is a whole other experience.

PS: You’ve done everything from esports to cosplay and a team management role — compared to this, what is it you like about streaming?

F: I got a lot of reward out of being an esports manager and managing League of Legends teams and stuff like that, but I realised that I can have a closer connection with my audience by just being a content creator and streaming.

When I was younger, I needed a space to feel like I belonged, and I feel like I can build more communities and create more opportunities for that as a content creator. If I can create that space for one person, like I had created for me when I was younger, that’s the most rewarding feeling I’ve gotten out of all of my involvement in esports and video games. And I’m literally able to do that for so many people and it just keeps growing, and that’s a fantastic feeling — being able to create a welcoming, open and safe space for people to just hang out and feel like they belong and they’re welcome whenever they want to come through.

PS: How do you make sure your channel is welcoming for everyone who watches?

F: I feel like the environment that I make really attracts the right kind of people. And then it’s about me and my moderation team making sure that the people who are in the chat are also reflecting the same qualities that I have and want to have in my space. But also making sure that when something’s not okay, I voice that to my community, and making sure that I enforce the positive things that I want to have in my community.

PS: What advice do you have for girls who want to start making content, or get into any other job in the gaming industry?

F: I feel like this goes for everyone, but I think it’s important for girls to find a place where they can see that they belong – and there are more and more communities popping up everywhere. There are a lot of great women creating content in Fortnite like Loserfruit, Alixxa, Reddysh, Chica, Loeya and Sommerset. Like, already that’s six and they’re great places where you can go and find inspiration. You’ll find an environment that makes you think, “Hey, this is a possibility for me.”

And then you just need to do it. Give it a try, set out a six-month plan to give it a good shot and figure out if it’s really something that you want to do. There’s a lot of teething and a lot of huge, huge growth that needs to happen for anybody who wants to become a content creator. But there’s really so little negativity to just giving it a shot.

I have special channels on my Discord for self-promotion, where a lot of people can promote themselves when they’re starting out or even — a lot of streamers do. So you definitely don’t have to do it alone and you can ask people about their experiences and ask for advice. A lot of people really enjoy giving back because, you know, they would have had somebody who helped them.

Follow Fasffy on Twitch, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter to be one of the first to hear about the Fornite lobbies and stay up-to-date with her regular content.

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