How to Play the Close Encounters Mode in Fortnite

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Fortnite players who log in today will noticed a new game mode called Close Encounters and a new set of challenges. Long-time players will recognise Close Encounters from previous seasons — it’s the perfect mode for people who prefer faster games, since the safe zone shrinks faster than in normal matches and you can only use shotguns. There are also new quests that you can only complete by playing Close Encounters matches, which can earn you up to 54,000 XP.

How to Play Close Encounters in Fortnite

You’ll find the Close Encounters game mode in the Discovery tab. Select the mode and press Play to queue for a game. The mode supports squads, so you can play with friends, and 100-player games.

In addition to shotguns, you can pick up extra mobility items, like Spider-Man’s web shooters, to help you move quickly between fights. As the name suggests, you’ll experience a lot of up-close and personal fights in Close Encounters matches. That, plus the sky storm that shrinks much faster than regular games, means these matches are more fast-paced than regular Fortnite matches.

All of the Close Encounters Quests in Fortnite

There are three quests tied to the Close Encounters game mode. Completing each one earns you XP, and you’ll earn a bonus for completing them all. Here are all of the Close Encounters quests in Fortnite Chapter Three, season one.

  • Eliminate two player opponents within 30 seconds of each other in Close Encounters (12,000 XP)
  • Get an elimination with 10 or fewer players remaining in Close Encounters (14,000 XP)
  • Deal damage to opponents from above in Close Encounters (10,000 XP)

You’ll earn an extra 18,000 XP for completing all three Close Encounters quests. That’s in addition to the quests that were added in the most recent update, which should keep you busy for a while yet.

The Fortnite Close Encounters game mode and challenges are live for just over a week, giving you plenty of time to experience this fast-paced mode and earn yourself some sweet rewards in the process. Maybe you can spend the XP buying the Arcane Vi skin that was recently added to the game?

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