Coachella’s Festival Fashion Has Come to Fortnite

Artwork of the Alto, Wilder, Poet and Lyric Outfits from the Rocking at Coachella and Dancing at Coachella Bundles in Fortnite.
Epic Games

Fashion and beauty takes centre stage at Coachella, and now these looks are coming to Fortnite. Two bundles of cosmetics, inspired by festival fashion, are being added to the game, with one drop timed for each weekend of the music festival.

In addition to the new outfits and accessories, a special playlist will take over the in-game Icon Radio, which will be playing songs from more than 30 artists at Coachella 2022.

The first wave of Coachella items is already available in the Item Shop. The Rocking at Coachella Bundle includes the Wilder and Lyric Outfits, plus matching accessories for them both. The Lyric Outfit is a super cool look with black leather pants and a chunky metallic belt, topped with a mesh crop and a wide brim hat.

Artwork for the Lyric Outfit in Fortnite, included in the Rocking at Coachella Bundle.

The Wilder Outfit is a more casual festival look, with a white singlet, ripped jeans and a cap. Both outfits have a reactive Cosmic Equaliser alt style that adds glowing blue sound waves on and around your character, turns your skin neon blue and makes your eyes glow bright blue.

Artwork for the Lyric Outfit in Fortnite, included in the Rocking at Coachella Bundle.

As for the matching accessories, the Lyric Outfit comes with the cactus Swaguaro Back Bling and the electric Festival Shredder Pickaxe, which is reactive to music. The Wilder Outfit comes with the shark-based Finfin Back Bling, Neon Biter Pickaxe and Finfin Flair Wrap.

The second wave will drop on Thursday, April 21 with the Dancing at Coachella Bundle, which includes the Alto and Poet Outfits, matching accessories and the Enter the Coachellaverse Loading Screen.

For those wanting to show off their in-game festival fashion, Epic is running a Coachella-themed Fortography contest. Share a screenshot of your character celebrating a party or festival with the #Fortography hashtag on Twitter or the Fortography post flair on the Fortnite subreddit — the best screenshots will be shared by Epic on April 29.

The Fortnite Coachella bundles will be available in the Item Shop until May 16.

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