Can’t Get Enough of Wordle? Here Are the Best Puzzle Games Like It

A screenshot of Murder by Numbers.

Part of Wordle’s charm lies in the fact everyone solves the same puzzle each day. But if you’re addicted to Wordle, the daily limit can also leave you starving for more. Luckily, there are plenty of games that scratch the same kind of puzzle itch as the wildly popular word guessing game.

From Wordle clones (without the daily limit) to spelling challenges and even story-based puzzlers, we’ve rounded up the best games like Wordle that will keep you entertained long after you’ve solved today’s puzzle.

The Best Games Like Wordle


The aim of Absurdle is to guess a five-letter word but unlike Wordle, which determines what that word is beforehand, Absurdle doesn’t have a solution to begin with. Instead, the game rules out words based on your guesses — which are unlimited — until there’s only one possibility left. For instance, if your starting word is ‘ready’, Absurdle removes all the words in its list of possible solutions that contain the letters R, E, A, D and Y. If your second guess is ‘lions’, Absurdle picks a random letter to be correct and changes the others. This goes on — you guessing and Absurdle fighting back — until there’s only one possible word left for you to guess.

Murder By Numbers

Murder By Numbers takes picross puzzles, or nonograms, and turns them into a story-driven visual novel available on Switch and Steam. The game follows actress-turned-detective Honor and her robot companion SCOUT as they investigate a series of murders. To uncover evidence, first you have to complete a picross-style puzzle, which reveals an image of the evidence. Although it’s not a word puzzle like Wordle, it uses a similar grid layout and feels just as satisfying to solve.

Kitty Letter

From the creator of The Oatmeal and Exploding Kittens comes Kitty Letter, a mobile game where you and an opponent must try to out-spell each other by forming words from a random selection of letters. Once you spell a word, an army of cats carries it towards your opponent’s base to damage and eventually destroy it. Kitty Letter is a fun co-op game for anyone who’s ever wished they could do more than just share their Wordle result with a friend. It’s available for free on iOS and Android.


If what you love about Wordle is finding the perfect spot for each letter, then Typeshift should be the next game you play. You’re presented with a series of anagrams in multiple rows and columns, and the challenge has two layers. First: rearrange the letters in each column to form a word in the middle row and two: rearrange the columns again until every letter has been used at least once. Typeshift is available for free on iOS and Android.


SpellTower is like a word jumble crossed with Candy Crush. You’re given a grid filled with jumbled letters and must connect adjacent letters to form words. When you form a word, the letters you used will disappear and the ones above them fall down to take their place. There’s also an element of Tetris thrown in, as new letters are added at the bottom, and if the tower reaches the top of the screen, it’s game over. SpellTower is available for free on iOS and Android.

Hello Wordl

Hello Wordl is Wordle without the daily limit. There are a few minor differences — you can adjust the number of letters in the solution and it will tell you when a letter repeats — but it’s the best way to get your next Wordle fix without waiting for the puzzle to reset.

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