Your Gaming Wrap-Up for 2023 Has Landed — Here’s How to Dive In


Alright, fellow gamers, the moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Just like Spotify Wrapped spilled the beans on our music obsessions, it’s time to unveil our gaming triumphs of 2023. Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo have all dropped their annual recaps, giving us the lowdown on how we conquered the virtual realms throughout the year.

Whether you’re a devoted Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo enthusiast, here’s how you can access and revel in your gaming achievements of 2023.

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How to Access Your Xbox Wrap-Up

For Xbox aficionados, the process is straightforward. Head over to the Xbox Year in Review 2023 web page, sign in with your account, and voila! You’ll be greeted with a treasure trove of gaming insights. The Xbox wrap-up provides a detailed breakdown of your total game time, the number of games conquered, top genres that captured your attention, and the Gamerscore you’ve amassed.

Moreover, it showcases where you stand among your gaming peers based on hours played, achievements unlocked, and Gamerscore accrued. Delving deeper, the wrap-up unveils your most-played titles, offering a nostalgic stroll through your gaming journey this year.

And can we talk about the Xbox community flexing hard in 2023? A jaw-dropping 36,000 games played, 4.5 billion achievements unlocked, and a staggering 91 billion gamerscore.

How to Access Your PlayStation Wrap-Up


PlayStation loyalists, fear not — your gaming recap awaits. Visit Sony’s web portal, log in with your account, and uncover the secrets of your PS5 or PS4 gaming habits from the past year. The PlayStation 2023 Wrap-Up encapsulates your most-played games, total hours invested, and even assigns an algorithmically generated “gaming style”. From thrill-seekers to strategists, the recap categorises your gaming persona.

Quick heads up, though — this virtual treasure chest is only accessible if you’ve put in at least 10 hours of gaming on your PS5 or PS4 from January 1 to December 31. Oh, and if you didn’t give the green light to “Full Data” collection, sorry, no recap party for you in certain regions.

How to Access Your Nintendo Wrap-Up

Nintendo fam, it’s time to reminisce about your Switch escapades! Hit up the Nintendo Switch Year in Review site, log in with your Nintendo account, and get ready for a cosy gaming throwback. They’ve got the deets on your top-played titles, hours lost in the gaming abyss, and some fun stats to make you smile.

Ever wondered how much of your life was dedicated to “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” or “Pikmin 4”? Now’s the time to find out. And guess what? You can even download your gaming stats in a cute infographic to flex on your gaming crew.

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