How to Dye Your Armour in Horizon Forbidden West

Side-by-side comparison of Aloy wearing the Nora Anointed armour in the Grey Dawn and Eventide armour dye colours.
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If you take your time to explore in the early hours of Horizon Forbidden West, you’ll find flowers that Aloy says she should take to a dyer. The only problem is, you probably haven’t met a dyer yet. The game introduces a number of new features like dye and face paint, but it takes its time introducing you to them. If you want to get to the good (pretty) stuff quickly, though, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about how to dye your armour in Horizon Forbidden West, including where to find dye plants and dyers.

Where Do You Find Dye Plants in Horizon Forbidden West?

These plants are easy to spot in the wild: they grow on cliffs and rocky outcrops and can be identified by a bright green loot tier when you scan with your Focus. They’re much smaller than other plants you can harvest like blue medicinal berries and beanstem, and they tend to grow separately from other plants as well.

There are six kinds of dye plants to collect: azure bloom, crimson bloom, golden bloom, midnight bloom, pale bloom and verdant bloom. You’ll need a combination of plants, plus some metal shards, to dye your armour.

How To Dye Your Armour in Horizon Forbidden West

Shortly after you travel to the Forbidden West, you’ll receive “The Dying Lands” main quest. The first objective takes you to the Utaru capital in Plainsong. Once you’re free to explore, head up to the top of the building and towards an icon that looks like a mortar and pestle. Start “Trade with Gana” and select the armour you want to customise. You’ll see a list of available dyes and their purchase cost — if you have the correct resources, you can apply the dye to your armour.

You’ll find new dyers later in the game, like in Thornmarsh to the South-East. Until then, though, you’ll be returning to Plainsong any time you want to customise your armour in Horizon Forbidden West.

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