Attn Gamer Girlies! Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch Is an Open World Horse Game, Coming Soon

A girl riding a brown horse in Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch.
Aesir Interactive

Are we entering the start of the Horse Girl Game renaissance? If the gameplay trailer for Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch is any indication, yes! And we’re so excited about this new era of gaming.

Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch is an “equestrian open-world adventure game” where you tame, breed and bond with horses while restoring your family’s run-down ranch. It has some light Animal Crossing vibes, but with rideable horses, which I think we can agree instantly makes it 87 times better.

The trailer guides us through parts of the open world but mostly focuses on the horses and the stable management. We get a sneak peek at some of the customisation options for your horses, like different mane styles and saddle blankets, and it looks like there are many options to choose from. Of course, you’ll also be able to customise what your character wears — fingers crossed, there are matching sets for you and your horse!

The horses themselves have unique personalities and abilities, which you’ll need to develop through regular training.

Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch looks supremely chill, but you’ll also be able to complete quests for NPCs and compete in horse races (humane ones, of course). There are customisation options for dressage and western riding styles, so hopefully, you’ll also be able to compete in more than just races. Cross-country events would be a great way to explore the world, which has some serious Breath of the Wild art vibes to it. There’s also what looks like a huge horse statue built into the side of a mountain that we can’t wait to investigate.

The Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch release date is November 4 for PS5 and PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC on Steam.

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