How to Speak to Dogs in Ghostwire: Tokyo

The Man in the Hannya Mask and a dog from Ghostwire: Tokyo.
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Ghostwire: Tokyo has one of the most interesting premises of any game releasing this year. You awake after a near-fatal car accident to find everyone in Tokyo has vanished, the city is overrun by malevolent spirits from Japanese folklore and you’re sharing your body with a spirit called KK. To reclaim the city, KK shares his supernatural powers with you and gives you the ability to channel air, fire and water into deadly attacks. You learn a few other skills from KK, like how to glide through the air and speak to dogs and cats.

But how, exactly, do you do this last part? Speaking to the animals in Tokyo is one of the best feature in the game and you’ll want to start the conversation as soon as possible. Here’s exactly how to speak to dogs in Ghostwire: Tokyo. You’re welcome.

Patting a dog in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Use Spectral Vision

Early in the game, KK will teach you how to use Spectral Vision, an ability that lets you see important people and items through walls. It also reveals the location of nearby dogs and cats. Make your way to them and you’ll have the option to pat them. Give them a pat — not because it makes it easier to hear their thoughts, just because they deserve it.

Use Spectral Vision again and a gold cloud will appear around them — now you’ll also have the option to hear their thoughts. They might give you important information about the game, so it’s worth seeking them out often out as you play. Sometimes their thoughts are simply: “Pet me! PET ME PET ME PET ME!” and who are we to argue with that?

Follow the Sound of Barking

Sometimes you’ll be alerted that there’s a dog nearby because you’ll hear them barking. Make your way to the source of the sound or use Spectral Vision to pinpoint their precise location. It’s worth taking a quick detour even if you’re on your way to a mission or side quest — they’re never far away and you’ll be rewarded for seeking them out.

Always Have Dog Food in Your Inventory

If you have dog food in your inventory, you’ll also have the option to feed the dogs you come across. As a reward, they’ll lead you to secrets hidden nearby or even dig up coins or other resources for you. Even cuter, they’ll thank you for their tasty snack.

You can buy dog food from the convenience stores set up around the city. With all the humans gone, these stores are now run by nekomata — in Japanese folklore, these are cats with exceptionally long lifespans and spiritual powers that allow them to communicate with humans. Look for the trolley icon on the map to find these convenience stores.

Dog food costs 500 meika — the in-game currency, which you can earn by completing side missions, destroying floating, golden objects you see around the world, defeating elite enemies, completing tasks for certain nekomata and equipping prosperity beads.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is available now for PC and PS5.

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