Surprise! Kingdom Hearts 4 Has Been Announced

Donald and Goofy in the Kingdom Hearts 4 announcement trailer.
Square Enix

The next mainline Kingdom Hearts game was announced during a livestream to celebrate the series’ 20th anniversary. Kingdom Hearts 4 will pick up Sora, Donald and Goofy’s adventure in a new storyline Square Enix are naming the “Lost Master Arc.” We don’t know much about the Lost Master Arc yet, but a short and sweet announcement trailer gave us our first sneak peek at Sora’s new look as well as a few other details about the upcoming game.

The trailer begins with Sora waking up in a strange new world, in a city called Quadratum — which looks like modern-day Tokyo but is apparently more like an afterlife for people like him, a new character called Strelitzia tells him. Quadratum looks unlike anything we’ve seen in Kingdom Hearts before, with a much more realistic and less cartoon-y look than Sora and his friends. It’ll be interesting to see these two aesthetics fit together, especially during boss battles like the one we see between Sora and a giant, shadowy enemy who invades the city. The trailer ends with Donald and Goofy looking for Sora before being spooked by a mysterious voice behind them.

If you’ve never played Kingdom Hearts before, then yes, we are talking about the Donald and Goofy. Kingdom Hearts is a JRPG series that combines the worlds of Disney and Final Fantasy while building out its own lore and storylines.

Square Enix also announced Kingdom Hearts Missing Link, a standalone mobile game “which allows players to embark on adventures from the realm of Scala ad Caelum into the real world.”

No release date for Kingdom Hearts 4 or Kingdom Hearts Missing Link has been announced yet, but Nana Gadd, director of Walt Disney Games, promised they’ll “show more when the time is right.”

Watch the Kingdom Hearts 4 Announcement Trailer

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