Calling All LEGO Fans: You Can Now Build Your Own Tallneck from Horizon Forbidden West

A woman building a model Tallneck from the LEGO Horizon Forbidden West set.

The Tallneck is one of the most memorable machines in Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West. Like a sci-fi rendition of a giraffe or a Brachiosaurus, Tallnecks wander peacefully around the game’s map and are the only machines who aren’t hostile to Aloy. Climbing a Tallneck gives you a quiet moment to enjoy the view all around you from up high. They’re one of our favourite machines for a reason, and now you can build your own friendly giant thanks to the LEGO Tallneck set.

The Horizon Forbidden West LEGO set comes with a 1222-brick model of a Tallneck that stands 34 cm high. You also get the pieces you need to build a base, like LEGO grass, a colourful birch tree and a rusty traffic light from the old world. The set also includes a LEGO figure of the Watcher machine and an Aloy minifigure, complete with her signature bow and spear.

The LEGO Tallneck is recommended for ages 18 and up — it will provide a satisfying challenge to adult LEGO and Horizon fans, but might be a bit too difficult for children to build. It’s one of the sets LEGO made to give adults a creative way to pay homage to their favourite games, movies, sports and historical landmarks. The range also includes sets for Stranger Things and Harry Potter, succulents that are guaranteed to never die and a highly-detailed model of the Colosseum. And for people who just want more LEGO versions of their favourite games, there are also Minecraft and Mario sets.

There’s just one catch: the LEGO Tallneck sold out in Australia almost instantly. You can sign up to be notified when it comes back in stock here. Until then, check out our guides for Horizon Forbidden West to make the most of the incredible game with armour dyes, face paint and the best skills and upgrades.

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