People Already Love Little Kitty, Big City, the Game Where You’re an Adorable, Chaotic Cat

A screenshot from the Little Kitty, Big City announcement trailer.
Double Dagger Studio / Youtube & @DefinitlyExists / Twitter

Over the weekend, the trailer for Little Kitty, Big City dropped and people are already falling in love with this game about a cute little cat lost in the big city. “You’re a little kitty, LOST in the big city,” reads the announcement trailer, over the sound of car horns and meows. “And you need to find your way home. URGENTLY.”

What follows is a minute and 15 seconds of a tiny little black cat jumping in cardboard boxes, chasing its own tail, exploring backyards, being chased by ducklings and knocking things over for the hell of it. Iconic cat behaviour.

Credit: Double Dagger Studio.

“You’re a little kitty, LOST in the big city and you need to find your way home. Eventually,” the trailer finally reads, after hopelessly begging the kitty to hurry up and get home.

Importantly, the trailer also shows that you can dress the kitty up in hats! We see nine hats in the trailer, including one that gives us rabbit ears and others that dress us up as a banana, a frog and a witch.

There doesn’t seem to be much more to the game, and that’s okay. Little Kitty, Big City has major Untitled Goose Game vibes (another game that let you cause chaos as a naughty animal) and looking at the online reaction to the trailer, people are already in love with the debut game from Double Dagger Studio.

Little Kitty, Big City was announced as part of the Wholesome Snack Indie Game Showcase, which showed off other cute titles like A Garden Witch’s Life and Mail Time — but the cat game was definitely the fan favourite.

Little Kitty, Big City is the debut game from Double Dagger Studio and is coming to PC and consoles in 2022. An exact release date hasn’t been announced yet because, to quote the game’s Steam page: “Cats don’t have deadlines”. You can follow the developers for updates.

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