A Guide To Using These Iconic Video Games as Makeup Inspo

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Makeup is an incredible way to express yourself and your personality. But if you’re feeling stuck on the creativity front, let me introduce the idea of using your favourite video game to inspire your next signature makeup look. From nostalgic heroes who taught us damsels can save themselves to more recent additions — the bravest and most powerful characters offer endless aesthetics to elevate your makeup game.

Galactic armour glow with Halo

Start with a classic and immerse yourself in the intergalactic brilliance of “Halo Infinite”. Channel the futuristic armour of Master Chief by incorporating metallic silver and gunmetal grey into your makeup palette. Create a radiant glow that mirrors the Chief’s determination and strength, evoking the essence of exploring distant planets and encountering unknown wonders.

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Dragonborn eye enchantment with Skyrim

Step into the mystical landscapes of Skyrim and embrace your inner dragon. Craft a mesmerising eyeshadow look inspired by the game’s enchanting world. Blend deep forest greens, rich browns and shimmering golds to capture the magic and mystery of the Dragonborn’s journey. Add a touch of metallic silver to reflect the icy allure of “Skyrim“‘s snowy peaks.


Master the art of enchantment with Fable

Let your makeup transform you into a “Fable” fantasy with a colours inspired by the mystical landscapes of Albion. Explore deep purples, enchanted greens and shimmering golds to create an ethereal eyeshadow moment. Experiment with layering and blending to capture the enchanting spirit of “Fable“, letting your eyes to tell the story of magic and wonder.

Playground Games

Explore whimsical pop art lips with Cuphead

Step into the vibrant world of “Cuphead” with a bright and bold lip colour reminiscent of vintage comic book aesthetics. Experiment with playful shapes and designs, outlining with precision to capture the animated whimsy of this unique title. I know a full, coloured lip can seem daunting if you’ve never taken one for a test-drive — but you won’t know how you really feel about it until you do!

Studio MDHR

Treat your eyeliner like racing stripes with Forza Horizon

Rev up your eyeliner game with Forza inspired lines that’ll have your confidence on overdrive. Take inspiration from the sleek lines and dynamic energy of racing cars. Experiment with bold, racing stripe eyeliner designs using deep blacks and metallic silver for a high-speed, high-fashion look. Let your eyes reflect the intensity of the “Forza” experience with bold and edgy designs.

Playground Games

Transform your everyday makeup routine into a gaming-inspired masterpiece with these gaming legends. From the battlefields of “Halo Infinite” to the fantastical realms of “Fable“, let your look reflect the gaming prowess that resides within you. Level up your makeup game and style, and conquer the world with the confidence of a true gaming icon.

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