Your Guide to Playing Marvel Snap Against Friends

Armin Zola and Squirrel Girl fighting in a picture announcing the launch of Marvel Snap Battle Mode.

Marvel Snap’s long-awaited Battle Mode has finally launched, letting you play against your friends directly instead of getting matched with random players. But Battle Mode is more than just an PvP mode; it’s also a radically different gameplay mode that relies even more on bluffing and mind games than the original game. For everyone wanting to jump into Marvel Snap Battle Mode ASAP, here’s how to invite a friend, challenge them to a game, and what to expect when you’re in.

What Is Marvel Snap Battle Mode?

The two biggest changes are that Battle Mode plays out over multiple rounds, and that cubes have been replaced by health. Both players start with 10 health, and you win by reducing your opponent’s health to 0. The Snap mechanic is still here, but now you’ll be using it to double down on the total amount of health you’re betting on a game. Winning a round will deal damage to your opponent equal to the current bet.

How to Challenge a Friend in Marvel Snap Battle Mode

Everyone with the latest update will see a new joystick icon at the bottom of the game’s main page, where the season pass icon used to be. FYI, you can still access the season pass screen from the top of the main page. Pressing the new icon takes you to the Game Modes tab, where you’ll see an option for Friendly Battle.

From here you can create or join a Battle Mode game, select the deck you’ll play with, and brush up on the Battle Mode rules.

Creating a game will generate a code that you can share with your friend; they can then copy and paste the code into the Friendly Battle tab to join your game.

Do You Earn Cubes In Marvel Snap Battle Mode?

There are no cubes in Battle Mode.

So Do You Earn Season Pass or Ranked Rewards In Marvel Snap Battle Mode?

Also no. Winning a Battle Mode game will only reward you the satisfaction of beating your friend. You won’t gain ranks, unlock season pass tiers, or gain boosters to level up your cards either. On the plus side: you also won’t lose ranks in Battle Mode.

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