Sony Is Reportedly Releasing a Game Changing PS5

The PS5 and DualSense controller.
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After releasing the new PS5 (in Australia before the rest of the world, too), Sony is rumoured to be working on the next version of the console already, and it sounds like a big step forward.

According to a report by Tom Henderson on Insider Gaming, the new PS5 will come with an external disc drive that connects to the console via USB-C. If this is true, it would mean an end to the decision every new PS5 owner has to make: whether to save money with the PS5 digital, or spend $150 more for the disc edition and give yourself the option of buying physical copies of your games.

Considering the only difference between the models is the disc drive and the price, this Goldilocks-level solution would be a welcome change. The hardware inside the disc and digital consoles is exactly the same, and the report suggests the new PS5 will have “almost identical hardware to the existing consoles” as well.

Continuing the modular theme, the new PS5 will reportedly be available on its own or in a bundle with the external disc drive. The disc drive will also be available separately, so you’ll be able to replace it without buying a whole new console if the need arises.

There’s no price point for the new PS5 yet, but it’s expected to hit shelves in September 2023. Sony has committed to ramping up production for the 2022 holiday season, which will make it much easier to get a PS5 in the next few months if you haven’t already managed to bring one home.

There’s been a lot of exciting PS5 news lately, including the God of War: Ragnarok controller that’s being released in time for the game’s launch on November 9. Meanwhile, The Last of Us Part 1 remake for PS5 has been out for a few weeks now, and if you’re still wondering whether it’s worth buying, we’ve rounded up every reason why it’s worth your time and money here.

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