This Fan-Made PS5 Controller Lets You Play With One Hand

A one-handed PS5 controller designed and made by Akaki Kuumeri.
YouTube @Akaki Kuumeri

A YouTuber has created a one-handed version of the PS5 DualSense controller. Akaki Kuumeri designed and 3D printed the adapter, which allows people with disability to play games with greater control and comfort. Kuumeri showed off the design in a video where he demonstrates how the adapter works and the level of control it gives one-handed players.

Kuumeri’s one-handed PS5 controller works by holding it in your right hand as normal and placing the left side of the controller on your thigh or a flat surface. The adapter wraps around the left side of the controller, so to move the left thumbstick, you move the entire controller, keeping it anchored on the flat surface. He added the left bumper and trigger buttons to the right side of the controller, leaving enough space that you can hold down one or both triggers at a time. He even made a detachable button system that you can clip onto the adapter to control the D-face buttons.

The whole thing looks a little clunky, but Kuumeri showed it in action in games like Rocket League and It Takes Two and it looks like it gives you a surprising amount of control. Viewers seemed to agree, with many people leaving comments on the video praising the design.

“I’ve been playing one-handed for over 17 years due to a stroke and know how frustrating it has been for the major manufacturers to forget about disabled gamers. Hopefully this will encourage more people with accessibility to feel more included,” wrote MeeBeeGeeBee.

“THANK YOU. My girlfriend was born with cerebral palsy and can’t effectively use her left hand. She never got into video games because of this. I got her something similar-ish for the Nintendo Switch joycons and she was able to play Pokémon Snap with it. If I eventually find a PS5 for myself I’ll definitely get her this even if she only barely plays it,” wrote Dimitri Nakos.

The best part is that anyone with a 3D printer can make their own one-handed PS5 controller. Kuumeri uploaded the 3D print files here and included instructions for how to assemble it.

It’s disappointing that this design had to come from a fan, not Sony themselves, but it’s another step towards people with disability being able to play games the way they’re intended to be played. Hopefully more game developers and publishers put effort into making accessible games, like Forza Horizon 5 adding on-screen ASL interpreters.

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