The Best Memes About Pupperazzi, the Very Cute Dog Photography Game

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There are dogs that need to be photographed in Pupperazzi, and no time to waste getting to work. The very good dog photography game came out over the weekend on PC and Xbox, including Game Pass, and people immediately began sharing the joy this game brought them.

The game is simple: you’re on a social media platform for dogs, who commission you to take photos of other dogs for them. Don’t think about it too hard. They’ll ask you to send them photos of fashionable dogs, dogs on skateboards, dogs at the park โ€” there’s no shortage of cute dogs for you to snap and share in this quaint town. Watch the Pupperazzi trailer below, which looks like Pokรฉmon Snap with dogs.

As you take on more jobs, you unlock new areas, meet new dogs and gain the ability to dress them up in hats, coats and even little booties. Look at the little dog shoes! You’re paid in gold bones, which you can use to buy new camera lenses, filters and dog toys. Your photos are always getting bigger and better โ€” and much, much cuter.

You’re basically an influencer on this social media platform for dogs, so you have to curate your content to please your audience and attract new followers. Post too many photos of the same thing, or share a boring photo, and you might lose a few fans. You do get to choose what kind of account you create, though. You can hound the popular dogs for celeb photos or create a more mysterious, artistic persona. You can even just snap your little dog photos to share with your friends. There’s no wrong way to play Pupperazzi. And yes, you can pat the dogs.

Of course, such a cute game inspired excellent memes.

The Best Memes About Pupperazzi


Pupperazzi is available on Steam, Epic Games, Xbox and Xbox Game Pass.

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