Get Ready for The Wrap-Up, an Aussie Game Show All About Video Games

Stephanie ‘Hex” Bendixsen hosting Red Bull Wrap Up games show.
Red Bull

A candidate for our favourite show of the year just released, and we’re not talking about the Halo TV series. We’re talking about Red Bull Wrap Up, a game show about video games hosted by Australian gaming royalty Stephanie “Hex” Bendixsen.

The first episode is available on YouTube, and stars some incredible Aussie talent like actor and singer Jordan Raskopoulos, former Channel V star Danny Clayton, journalist and presented Stephanie Panecasio and e-sports commentator Geordie “Mac” McAleer. In the opening minutes, Bendixen describes Red Bull Wrap Up as “a brand-new show where we think hard about serious topics, and then throw all that away and do a quiz show about gaming instead.”

It’s as chaotic as it sounds, and perfectly taps into what makes pub trivia great — good mates, good banter and a points system that should never get in the way of everyone having a good time.

“It’s a comedy quiz trivia show that focuses on games where none of the points matter because I control who gets them and why, and it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with having the right answers,” says Bendixen. “It was chaos from the start, it got messier towards the end, and my face hurt from laughing.”

The trivia questions quickly devolve into physical challenges and singing competitions — a highlight of episode one is Raskopoulos singing the Donkey Kong rap — making Red Bull Wrap Up one of the most fun and original shows on our screens.

“It was lots of fun, I found myself giggling a lot, like a schoolkid, it was very difficult to hold a straight face,” says Clayton.

Each 30-minute episode will be available to stream on the Red Bull Gaming YouTube channel, with episode two dropping on February 16. Watch Red Bull Wrap Up episode one below to catch up on all the fun:

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