A Real-Life “Among Us” Game Has Arrived In Melbourne

Blue crewmate imposter killing yellow crewmate in Among Us.

Stop looking sus; you read that headline correctly. Saboteurs is an interactive, space-themed social deduction game that’s launched in Melbourne just in time for the school holidays. Just like its video game counterpart, Saboteurs challenges groups of players to complete a series of tasks onboard a “moon base” while trying not to get killed by the imposter, then vote for which players they believe are guilty to eject them from the game and survive.

Saboteurs is the brainchild of Jonathan Hayden, a tech and property entrepreneur and, most importantly here, a loving dad.

“I was at my kids’ school at lunchtime and the playground was full of kids laying on the ground playing ‘dead’. I was shocked and worried until I realised they were playing ‘Among Us’ and almost everyone had been eliminated from the game. Then one of my kids asked to convert the house into a space station so she and her mates could play the game for her birthday party,” he explained.

“I soon learned from my workmates and others around me that it’s not just kids who love playing this and other role-play games like Cops and Robbers, The Mole, Murder in the Dark or murder mystery parties.”

Set inside a 530sqm shipping container construction, Saboteurs features a highly detailed moon base replica that helps you play the part. Rooms and tasks include decontamination, shields, O2, medbay, upload and download data, communications, electrical, and more.

Keen to play? Book online for $25 per player. Games have 15 players in total — and yes, you can book all 15 if you and your many mates want your own game — and run for about 30 minutes, with 10 minutes of training at the start. Saboteurs is open seven days a week from 8am till 10pm at the Testing Grounds inside Queen Victoria Market Precinct. Good luck!

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