We Never Thought We’d See a Horny Nintendo Switch Controller but Here We Are

Paramount Pictures Studios / HORI

Lots of games are horny, but the controllers we play them on usually aren’t. Not so anymore, I’m afraid. The new Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, made by HORI and not Nintendo themselves, features artwork of Sonic the Hedgehog running at full-speed, and the placement of the right thumbstick unfortunately makes it look like Sonic is DTF.

HORI? more like HOR-NI!

It wouldn’t look so explicit if Sonic’s right leg wasn’t bent at an angle to show him running, which would leave some white space between his crotch and the joystick. But as it stands, people correctly mistake his leg for something else. Basically, it looks like Sonic is flashing you mid-spring. This is one time when Sonic shouldn’t say “gotta go fast”.

Unintentional horniness aside, fans are divided on the controller’s design. Some people love the Sonic branding and can’t wait to upgrade their Switch setup. HORI does make some of the best Switch Pro Controllers, after all. Other people aren’t quite convinced, and wish they could get it without the Sonic and HORI logos.

Some people aren’t even convinced there’s anything unusual about the controller, saying the thumbstick is clearly on his knee. “People just love to make things out of nothing. Legit there is nothing wrong with the placement. Reaching REAL hard,” wrote one user. And they’re right — there’s nothing wrong with it. Let Sonic be horny! Just forgive us if we don’t buy the horny Sonic controller.

If you do want to buy it, though, you can pre-order it on Amazon for $82.56. There’s also a Sonic-themed Split Pad Pro controller that’s slightly less revealing. Split Pad Pro controllers are great for when you’re playing Switch games on the go and want a little bit more control than the regular Joy-Cons afford you. HORI also make officially-licensed Switch controllers featuring Mario, Animal Crossing and Pokémon characters, if that’s more your style.

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