Where to Buy the Cheapest Copies Of Cat Adventure Game Stray

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Our patience is about to pay off! The Stray release date in Australia is July 20, which means we’re less than 24 hours away from living our best life as a kitty trying to leave a dystopian, cyberpunk city.

In Stray, you play as a ginger cat wandering the alleys and rooftops of a neon-lit, decaying city. Your mission is to escape, and you receive help in the form of a robot named B-12. You can be stealthy, hiding in boxes to avoid detection, and nimble, jumping over barricades to reach secret areas. And sometimes you can be annoying, knocking over bottles, playing with random items you find on the ground and scratching the wall. That’s a very important part of the cat experience.

A digital edition of Stray is coming to PS5, PS4 and PC at launch, and a limited-edition physical edition with collector’s items has also been announced for later this year. Right now, there’s no word on a Stray Xbox or Switch release, but the developers haven’t ruled it out, either.

So here’s where you can buy Stray in Australia, including where you can preorder the physical edition.

Buy Stray Digital Edition

PlayStation Store: there’s no price listed for Stray on PS5 and PS4, but it should be similar to the PC version on Steam.

Steam: $37.75

Buy Stray Physical Edition

There are two versions of the Stray physical edition for collector’s to choose from. The first is the PS5 disc, which includes six full-colour art cards featuring artwork from the game.

The second is the iam8bit exclusive edition, which includes the art cards plus a matte black box cover with holofoil details, an oversized poster of the game’s first teaser art, a fuzzy patch of the game’s feline logo and a region-free disc of the game on your choice of PS5 and PS4. This version will ship internationally, but it might take a bit longer to receive your copy because of that.

Preorders are now open, with a release date of September 20. Here’s where you can preorder the Stray physical edition in Australia:

Play Stray on PlayStation Plus

Good news for PlayStation Plus members — Stray will be available as a day one title for all PS Plus Extra and Deluxe members. Starting from July 20, members will be able to download and play the game for free on their PS5 and PS4. If you’re not already a member, you can sign up for one month of PlayStation Plus Extra for $18.95, or Deluxe for $21.95, here.

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