The Funniest Reactions to the ‘Tears of the Kingdom’ Gameplay Video, Inc. Meat Arrows

A tweet by @korokadilerock about the Tears of the Kingdom gameplay video. The tweet reads:

We finally saw a big chunk of gameplay for “Tears of the Kingdom” in this morning’s Nintendo Direct, and there’s a lot for fans to latch onto. You can now craft your own weapons and vehicles using Link’s new Fuse ability, and it seems like crafting will be a huge part of the game. The video also revealed Link’s new Recall, Ultrahand, and Ascend abilities, and confirmed that, yes, weapons will break just like they did in “BOTW”. Make of that what you will.

Although most of the crafting we saw combined a stick and a rock to make a hammer, or a spear and a pitchfork to make a longer spear, one blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment has fans clamouring for “meat arrow”.

See, in “Tears of the Kingdom” you’ll be able to add items onto your arrows to give them special abilities. White Chuchu Jelly gives you an ice arrow, for example, and Keese Eyeballs create a homing arrow. But as series producer Eiji Aonuma scrolled through the list of items you can add to arrows, we all saw the option to add “raw meat”.

Sadly, Aonuma scrolled right past this and so we don’t know what effect a hypothetical meat arrow would have on an enemy.

The video also sneakily confirmed that the Zonai will be in “Tears of the Kingdom”. Zonai ruins were scattered across Hyrule in “BOTW” and the precursor tribe have been the source of many “Tears of the Kingdom” theories. Interestingly, it also confirmed the Zonai will be Link’s enemy in this game. The first segment of the video shows Link fighting a low-level Zonai enemy called a Construct, who looks like a robot made of stone and held together by green magic. How effective would a meat arrow be on a Zonai Construct?

This question, and many others, has inspired a huge meme dump, and they’re all giving Zelda fans life. Here are the best reactions to the “Tears of the Kingdom” gameplay video, and to meat arrows specifically.

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