The Last of Us Episode 5 is Dropping Early, Even Though My Heart Can’t Take Two Eps a Week

Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal in The Last of Us.

It’s a good thing last night’s episode of “The Last of Us” wasn’t as heartbreaking as the Bill and Frank episode, because we have less time to recover mentally and emotionally before the next episode drops — HBO has confirmed that “The Last of Us” episode 5 will stream a few days early on Binge.

So, What Is “The Last of Us” Episode 5 Release Date?

We’re actually getting two episodes this week, with episode 5 streaming on Saturday, February 11, just five days after episode 4. Specifically, “The Last of Us” episode 5 will release at 1pm AEDT on Binge.

Episode 5 is titled “Endure and Survive,” and we can only imagine what horrors await. For starters, there’s the episode 4 ending, which saw Ellie and Joel held at gunpoint by two strangers. Then there’s whatever is lurking beneath the basement in Kansas city. The floor has crumbled and sunk, like something tunneled too close below the surface, and both the terrifying Kathleen and well-armed Perry are terrified of it. From the episode’s trailer, it looks like it’s a Bloater, a late-stage Infected that’s covered in thick, protective fungus and is strong enough to kill Ellie with a single punch in the game.

The episode’s title is taken from the game, when Ellie quotes one of her favourite comic books. It’s become a de facto tagline for the game thanks to its theme of doing whatever is necessary in impossible situations.

The episode 5 early release date is thanks to the Super Bowl, which is airing in the US on Monday 13. As an Australia, the sheer scale of the Super Bowl is very confusing but I’m happy it’s resulted in us getting a new episode two days early!

Because of the early release date, we’re not getting a new episode on Monday, February 13. After that, new episodes will continue to drop every Monday until the season finale on March 13.

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