Watch the First Trailer For HBO’s The Last of Us Series Starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey

Pedro Pascal as Joel in HBO's The Last of Us first trailer.

HBO released the first teaser for The Last of Us series at the end of a new “Coming to HBO Max” trailer. It’s a quick 25-second montage of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in some of the most intense moments of the game. Here’s the full trailer, set to autoplay at 1.40 when the Last of Us teaser begins.

“Everyone I’ve ever loved has either died or left me,” Ramsey’s Ellie says in the trailer.

“You have no idea what loss is,” Pascal’s Joel replies.

The Last of Us is set in 2033 after an outbreak of the Cordyceps fungus has ravaged society and left most people infected in a zombie-like state. Pascal plays Joel, a hardened smuggler who’s hired to escort Ramsey’s Ellie to a group of freedom fighters who believe she’s the key to creating a cure.

We also get a good look at Nick Offerman as Bill and Nico Parker as Joel’s daughter Sarah, as well as some creepy Cordyceps spores growing on a wall.

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There’s still no release date for HBO’s The Last of Us series, but at least now we know it will be coming out in 2023. Hopefully this teaser means there’s more information on the way soon!

If that seems like too long to wait, The Last of Us Part 1 remake on PS5 is coming out on September 2, and on PC soon after.

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