The Quarry Just Got a Big Update That Added Sweet ’80s Outfits — Here’s How to Wear Them

'80s outfit for Jacob and Kaitlyn in The Quarry.
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The interactive horror game The Quarry received a chunky update over the weekend that added online multiplayer, full episodes of the in-game podcast “Bizarre Yet Bonafide” and alternate ’80s-inspired outfits for all nine playable characters.

Heavily inspired by classic horror movies like Scream, Friday the 13th and The Evil Dead 2, The Quarry wears its 1980s homages on its sleeve. It’s set at an American summer camp where the teenage counsellors are stalked by monsters and hillbillies, and must make impossible decisions to survive the night. It’s fitting that the characters have new outfits that are reflective of this inspiration. Now that the outfits have finally been added to the game, here’s how to unlock the ’80s outfits in The Quarry.

How to Change Outfits in The Quarry

You can change outfits under the Display menu in the settings. You’ll see an option to switch between Character Packs and can select the 80s Throwback outfits here.

The only catch is that you can only change outfits in the main menu, not once you’re already playing the game. If you want to switch outfits during your playthrough, you’ll need to return to the main menu first. This makes it harder to switch between outfits at will, especially if you haven’t decided if you prefer the modern or throwback looks. So, we’ve rounded up every alternate outfit in The Quarry below to help you decide.

Every ’80s Throwback Outfit in The Quarry

'80s Outfit for Kaitlyn in The Quarry.
'80s Outfit for Jacob in The Quarry.
'80s Outfit for Dylan in The Quarry.
'80s Outfit for Emma in The Quarry.
'80s Outfit for Laura in The Quarry.
'80s Outfit for Ryan in The Quarry.
'80s Outfit for Abigail in The Quarry.
'80s Outfit for Max in The Quarry.
'80s Outfit for Nick in The Quarry.

The ’80s outfits are only available to people who own The Quarry Deluxe Edition or the Deluxe Bonus Content Pack add-on.

The Deluxe Bonus Content Pack adds a few other goodies to the game, like instant access to the Death Rewind system, which you can use to reverse a decision that led to a character’s death. You also get the Gorefest option in Movie Mode, which lets you watch an automated version of The Quarry play out as a movie — Gorefest is the most gruesome, gory and splatter-filled version of the story, perfect for slasher fans. Finally, the pack also unlocks the Horror History Visual Filter Pack, which lets you tailor the aesthetic of the game to your liking by applying a cinematic filter reminiscent of iconic eras of horror.

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