We React to the First 30 Minutes of The Quarry, the Upcoming Summer Camp Horror Game

Siobhan Williams as Laura in The Quarry gameplay trailer.
Supermassive Games

We have our first real look at The Quarry, the interactive summer camp horror game releasing later this year, thanks to a 30-minute gameplay trailer that just dropped. The trailer shows the first half hour of the game, beginning with the opening credits that give us our first look at the all-star cast that includes David Arquette, Ariel Winter, Justice Smith and Brenda Song.

The gameplay trailer opens with Max and Laura, played by Skyler Gisondo and Siobhan Williams, driving to Hackett’s Quarry summer camp late at night when they swerve to avoid hitting a strange shadow that appears in the middle of the road. They’re helped back onto the road by a creepy cop who ominously says they’re “not gonna make it to Hackett’s Quarry, not tonight.” The gameplay trailer ends with some kind of monster pouncing on Max and the creepy cop sedating Laura before shooting something off-screen. Here are our reactions to The Quarry gameplay trailer.

It Looks Scary As Hell

When Max and Laura are swerving to avoid something on the road, an old woman appears in the backseat of the car and vanishes just as quickly. Later, when they’re repairing the car, Laura catches a glimpse of a woman in a white dress running between the trees, and then a young girl who only appears in the spotlight of her torch. It’s very Haunting of Hill House, with ghosts and spooky figures hiding in the background of scenes.

Siobhan Williams as Laura and an unknown woman behind her in a car in The Quarry gameplay trailer.

In our chat with Supermassive Games’ narrative director Will Byles, he said they drew inspiration from a number of horror genres. That’s clear in the gameplay trailer — there are rickety huts in the woods, strangers spying on Max and Laura, mentions of a “boy dog” and an overbearing cop who tries to clean Laura’s face without her consent. Does anyone else think there’s going to be some grizzled animalistic humans in this game?

It Looks Beautiful

Laura, Max and the creepy cop’s faces are all beautifully rendered — this is by far Supermassive’s most realistic-looking game. That, coupled with the shadows and reflections, makes it feel like there might be something lurking in the background at any moment. It all adds to the frightening vibes — surely when the real monstrosities begin, The Quarry will creep out even the most seasoned horror movie and game fans.

There are a few awkward animations and transitions between scenes, but overall everything runs smoothly, especially the moments right before and after you make a choice.

There Are Collectibles Like in Until Dawn

In Until Dawn, you could find totems scattered around the map that gave you brief glimpses into the future. It looks like you’ll be collecting tarot cards in The Quarry, although the trailer doesn’t show what happens when you pick these up. It’s safe to assume they’ll play into the storyline somehow, potentially giving you clues to solve puzzles or save a character’s life.

What Is The Quarry Release Date?

The Quarry release date is June 10, 2022. It’ll be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One and PC via Steam. The standard edition and deluxe edition are available for pre-order now, which gets you the Horror History Visual Filter Pack as a bonus.

Watch the First 30-Minutes of The Quarry Here:

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