The New Sims 4 DLC Lets You Fill Your House with Plants

The Sims 4 Blooming Rooms Kit
EA / Aggiornamenti Lumia

As somebody who desperately wants to fill their home with pretty plants but is incapable of remembering to water them, the new Blooming Rooms kit coming to The Sims 4 is a blessing. A teaser photo posted to Twitter shows all kinds of greenery being added to the game, including ferns, hanging vines, spider plants, and some very cute flower pots.

The Blooming Rooms kit news comes at the same time as the announcement of brand new goal-based stories called “Scenarios”. Think of Scenarios as small, self-contained stories or challenges within your Sims game. You’ll be set a goal, and how you achieve that goal is up to you, with your choices affecting the outcome.

There’ll be two Scenarios to begin with, including “Making Money”, which tasks you with earning a million simoleons any way you can. Are you going to put your head down and work hard to earn your fortune, or will you get creative? The second scenario, “Finding Love After a Breakup”, will have you play matchmaker to your Sim.

“There are many different outcomes to Scenarios and many different ways to achieve those outcomes,” EA said in a news release about the new feature. “That’s right, there’s more than one way to complete a Scenario, just as in real life! You never know how the story will go. How you get there is up to you!”

The first two Scenarios are available now, and others will be added to the game over time. The Blooming Rooms kit will be available on November 9, and, like the game’s other kits, you’ll have to buy it separately.

It joins the Incheon Arrivals kit, which adds new outfits inspired by iconic Seoul airport fashion, Industrial Loft kit, which adds modern furnishings for your home, and the Throwback Fit kit, which adds retro-inspired athleisure wear for your Sim to work out and relax in.

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