The “Tweet Like Pokémon Are Real” Trend Is the Best Thing to Happen to 2021

@goobersweber / Twitter

If you grew up playing Pokémon, you grew up wishing Pokémon were real. No amount of new games or Switch remasters will satisfy our desire to meet a Wooloo face-to-face, and we still haven’t really accepted this. And nothing proves that more than the “tweet like Pokémon were real” trend.

You see, people have started tweeting about the things they’d do if Pokémon were real, from meeting one in the wild to having one as a pet — they’re even making memes for this alternate universe. The whole thing started when @nellychillin simply posted “Tweet like Pokémon were real”. Their post now has over 19,000 replies from people desperate to pretend the magic of Pokémon actually exists.

Some of the tweets are from people imagining how they’d react if they met a Pokémon in the wild. Other people are inserting Pokémon into everyday situations like exams and driving to work, and some people are just posting about their Pokémon the same way they post about their pets. It’s all very wholesome.

Pokémon fans are having lots of fun role-playing a world where their favourite pocket monsters exist, although their tweets prove that it wouldn’t always be easy to live in a world where pangoros can freely roam the city and you can feed the pidgeots at the beach.

But even if they made us late for work sometimes, the conclusion of the “tweet like Pokémon are real” trend is that we wish they were. Of course, the next best thing is the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remasters, which you can buy now on Switch and are very good, with some critics even calling it a true return to what made Pokémon so special in the first place.

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