Think You Know Video Game Soundtracks? This Wordle Clone Will Put You to the Test

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It’s been a while since a good Wordle clone spawned from some genius coder’s brain, but it’s finally happened: Videogame Heardle is a spinoff of Heardle, which is a spinoff of Wordle, and this one is all about the songs that play in our favourite games.

How to Play Videogame Heardle

If you’ve played Heardle before, you’ll know how Videogame Heardle works. You have six attempts to guess a song that changes daily, and you can only hear a snippet of the song before making your guess. You’re given a few extra seconds of the song to listen to on each subsequent guess, and a search bar to help you narrow in on the solution.

Videogame Heardle has an advantage over regular Heardle, and that’s the fact you only need to guess the game the song is from, not the name of the song itself. That’s going to come in handy when you take into consideration how long game soundtracks can be, and how vague some of the song titles are. I’m immediately going to recognise the battle music from Horizon Zero Dawn but I couldn’t tell you that it’s called “Blade on Blade” without doing a deep dive into the wiki.

The songs have been added manually by creator g0m, who says there are currently 89 days worth of puzzles already loaded into the game. Where Heardle pulls solutions from a list of the most streamed songs of the decade, Videogame Heardle has the chance to feature songs from smaller indie games. Considering how nostalgic some of these deep cuts make players feel, there’s a long life ahead of Videogame Heardle.

For people who want more musical guessing games, there are also Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Wordle clones. That’s in addition to all the other spinoffs, like Daily Quordle and a multiplayer Wordle that lets you directly challenge your friends in a literary battle royale.

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