Wah-ha! This Bride Had a Waluigi Bachelorette Party and Put It On TikTok

A photo from the Waluigi bachelorette party of cowboy Waluigi, pirate Waluigi, cult Waluigi, Elvis Waluigi, chef Waluigi, strongman Waluigi and sexy firefighter Waluigi.
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Nintendo might not show Waluigi the love he deserves, but one woman more than made up for that with her Waluigi-themed bachelorette party.

Bride-to-be Emily Yates shared a video on her TikTok of the attendees introducing their “Wah-sona” which included cowboy Waluigi, sexy firefighter Waluigi, cult Waluigi, chef Waluigi, strongman Waluigi and pirate Waluigi. Cherrie Sorbet herself was dressed as Elvis Waluigi.

Perfect. No notes.

The TikTok has been watched more than 917,000 times since it was uploaded and the comments section is full of people who are simply loving the oddly wholesome idea.

“Wow ok 100/10 on every single fit dang !!!” wrote one user.

“Imagine being at a restaurant and just seeing an army of differently themed Waluigi’s pulling up,” said another.

“The fact that is a BACHELORETTE PARTY 😭😭😭😭.”

Speaking to Kotaku, Yates said she always knew she wanted to do a “chaotic costume night” for her bachelorette and settled on the idea of a Waluigi-themed party because he’s an iconic character who’s “just a lanky being of pure chaotic energy.”

Yates, an artist who does burlesque and cosplay costuming, also shared the process of designing her costume in another video. She sourced a second-hand white outfit and dyed it purple, then made Waluigi’s upside-down L belt from a piece of painted foam. She altered the pants to include a faux denim flare and used “countless, countless, countless” rhinestones to add the super stars and other detailing. A wig from Amazon and a fake moustache completed the look.

You can check out more footage from the Waluigi bachelorette party on Yates’ TikTok. Nintendo, take notes!

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