10 Of the Cutest Games Announced During Wholesome Direct

A screenshot from the game Usagi Shima showing cute bunnies relaxing around a spa and on soft beds.

Starfield might have dominated the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, but the games shown in Wholesome Direct traded in spaceships and aliens for adorable games about bears, frogs and witches, so who’s the real star?

Started by the Wholesome Games Twitter account, which showcases uplifting, thoughtful and compassionate games of all genres, Wholesome Direct was almost an hour of announcements, trailers and updates for new and upcoming games. Lots of them looked fun to play and have gone onto our upcoming release schedule, but almost all of them looked cute, so we’ve rounded up the cutest ones.

The Best and Cutest Games Announced At Wholesome Direct

Little Bear Chef

You play as a jar of honey in the shape of a bear, and you have to scale a human-sized kitchen to create mouthfuls of culinary magic. To really amp up the Remy vibes, the bear makes a ratatouille in the trailer.

Usagi Shima

A cosy and relaxing bunny-collecting game, Usagi Shima lets you decorate an abandoned island and take care of its furry residents. Feed them, brush them, take photos with them and ultimately vibe with them.

Freshly Frosted

This puzzle game puts you in charge of the “world’s most adorable doughnut factory,” where you’ll have to place and manage conveyor belts around a kitchen to serve up your delicious treats.

PuffPals: Island Skies

In this adorable farm sim you can grow and tend crops, decorate your house and interact with the animal locals. There’s a duck wearing a hat and an apron, a giant frog sitting under a waterfall and a chonky bear wearing a hat.


In this anti-Sims style game, you play as a bear on a mission to stop an evil development company from taking over the forest. Chop and recycle every man-made thing in your path to restore the environment to its natural glory.

The Garden Path

A slice-of-life sim about the joy of gardening, this gorgeous game is meant to be played in short moments. Time in the game moves at the same pace as real life, so the idea is you play for a bit to plant some seeds or water your crops, then play again a little while later to see how your garden is growing.

A Little to the Left

You’re just trying to tidy up, but your cat has other plans. For anyone with a naughty cat who likes to knock things off tables, A Little to the Left will feel all-too real — but still very cute.

Wholesome Out and About

If cottagecore was a game, it would be Wholesome Out and About. Forage for food, cook using fresh ingredients and craft what you need to connect with nature. The forest setting looks gorgeous, and you’ll learn real facts about plants and flowers.


Melatonin is a rhythm game about dreams with pastel artwork, stylish music and puzzles that look satisfying to perfect.

Kitori Academy

This life simulator will appeal to anyone who’s excited for Hogwarts Legacy but doesn’t want to support Rowling. You play as a wizard apprentice at an academy where even the fire underneath your cauldron has a smiley face. Cast spells, brew potions, pat cats and uncover a magical curse.

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