This Genius Wordle Clone Makes You Guess AI-Generated Art

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By now, you’ve probably seen the weird, funny and sometimes nightmarish images from Dall-E Mini, an AI model that creates images out of text captions. And I mean, out of any text caption you can think of. People have made Dall-E art of the Demogorgon from Stranger Things playing basketball; a man in the middle of an existential crisis about having too many pickles; Dwight Schrute from The Office winning an esports tournament. It’s weird.

And now that weirdness has been combined with Wordle, the daily word game where you attempt to guess a five-letter word in six attempts or less.

Wordalle shows you six images that were generated from the same prompt and asks you to guess the prompt in seven attempts or less. Like Wordle, it indicates correct letters with green squares, correct letters that are in the wrong position with yellow squares and incorrect letters with grey squares.

Unlike Wordle, the prompts you’re getting are much more complex than a single word. Dall-E Mini can interpret descriptive phrases like “Paddington hugging Vin Diesel”, and while I so far haven’t gotten a Wordalle longer than three words, that’s already much longer than “audio” and “adieu”.

Dall-E Mini art of "Paddington hugging Vin Diesel"

Another difference is that everyone gets a different Wordalle prompt, and there’s an endless supply. You can keep guessing weird, AI-generated art all day long if you feel like it! And if you don’t like one, or it’s too hard, you can skip it and start over with a new prompt.

It’s the first Wordle clone we’ve seen in a while. Not too long ago, they were everywhere, offering up multiplayer and Taylor Swift guessing games. It’s hard to know how long Wordalle will be around for in the endless Wordle clone churn, but it seems like we’ll have a supply of bonkers prompts to guess for as long as we’re testing the artistic limits of Dall-E Mini.

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