PSA: You Can Now Design Your Own Personalised Xbox Controllers

A pink and blue Xbox controller from the Xbox Design Lab.

The Xbox Design Lab has finally launched in Australia, giving everyone Down Under the opportunity to create their own custom Xbox controllers.

The Design Lab lets you choose the colour of each element on the controller, including the front and back plates, the trigger and bumper buttons, the D-pad and the thumbsticks. There are 23 colours to choose from, ranging from black and white to shades of blues, yellows and even pinks. Then there’s an additional 23 metallic colours to choose from, which you can use for the triggers and D-pad.

For people who like their controllers with a little extra stability, you can add rubberised back and side grips.

You can even choose what the ABXY buttons look like. There’s a version that looks very similar to the original and Xbox 360 controllers with green, red, blue and yellow buttons, all-black and all-white layouts and the standard version with black buttons and coloured letters. There are even five different looks for the View, Menu and Share buttons.

And the best part — you can personalise your controller even further with a laser engraved message.

Depending on your selections, the Xbox Design Lab controllers will cost between $99.95 ($10 more than the standard Xbox controllers) and $153.65. The rubberised grips are $7.95 each, metallic colours are $5.95 each and engraving costs $12.95. Then there are the patterns, which you can select instead of a block colour for the front of the controller. There are currently five camo patterns as well as the Xbox Pride pattern available for an extra $12.95.

If you splurge on some of the extras or even get them all, you’re spending quite a lot more than you would on a standard controller for the same functionality. They’re extremely pretty, though, and totally unique to match your playstyle.

You can buy a personalised Xbox controller from the Xbox Design Lab in Australia here.

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