Milk, Eggs and an Xbox: You Can Now Buy the Xbox Series S From Woolworths

An Xbox Series S surrounded by characters from Overwatch 2, Fortnite, Fall Guys and the Mercedes-AMG One from Forza Horizon 5.

The Xbox Series S is currently on sale for Black Friday, bringing the little console that could down to just $399 (usually $499). If you’re in the market for a budget console or even a cheap but awesome Christmas gift for someone special, it’s a deal that’s hard to ignore. And, for some reason, the list of places you can buy it from includes the Fresh Food People themselves.

Yes, you can pick up an Xbox the next time you’re doing your groceries. You can’t actually get it from stores because it’s an online exclusive, but it’s available on the Woolworths online shop here. It’s also available from all the usual suspects like the Microsoft Store and JB Hi-Fi.

Buy the Xbox Series S for $399

The Series S isn’t as powerful as the Xbox Series X or PS5, but it’s not far behind. The Series S can do 1440p resolutions compared to the Series X’s 4K, which you’ll need a 4K TV or monitor to use anyway. The Series S is also a digital console, which means there’s no disc drive for games or Blu-rays. It’s also less powerful than the Series X, especially in terms of its GPU and storage. On the other hand, the Series S is much cheaper than the Series X (especially during the sale) and it’s much smaller, which will appeal to anyone who’s working with limited space for furniture.

Both consoles can play the same games (although you’ll need to buy them digitally on the Series S) and they can both do DirectX Raytracing, Spatial Sound, 120 FPS and Quick Resume.

The final detail to sweeten the pot? The Xbox Series S is readily available from all the retailers listed above, while the Series X remains sold out for the moment. If you do want to hold out for the Series X, though, you can find the latest sales listed here.

Once you’ve got your console, why not take a spin in the Xbox Design Lab to create your own custom controller? The Elite Series 2 controller was recently added to the lab with even more colours and customisation options, which are all very slick. Check out this one, which I subconsciously designed in the same colours as my cat Big B.

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