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So It Turns Out This 76-Metre Converted School Bus Is the Perfect Home For a Family of 6

So It Turns Out This 76-Metre Converted School Bus Is the Perfect Home For a Family of 6
Image Source: Debbie Mayes

The Mayes family achieved a goal that would make any fan of small-space living green with envy: they transformed a 76-metre school bus — which they fondly refer to as "Skoolie" — into a fully-functional home for their family of six.

Debbie Mayes, the mum behind the huge lifestyle change, told POPSUGAR why they ditched their 1,524-square-metre house in favour of living in their beloved "Skoolie": "We had gotten to a place where we were miserable, frustrated, disconnected, and we knew that we needed a change in every area of our life. So what did we do?!? We did what any normal family would do, we bought a friggin' school bus to live in."

And honestly, the finished product is something out of a home décor-lover's dream. Think clean lines, white linens, gold accents, and a butcher block kitchen counter. Talk about carefree living, right? When it comes privacy, the Mayes squad certainly makes the most of the square metres. Debbie explained how they all manage to get a little privacy without ripping their hair out:

We have lots of hidden storage in the couches and under every bed so although we downsized, we have toys and all the normal things you would expect for a family — there's even a guitar! We wanted to keep the space open but also give each family member the ability to have privacy, the layout has absolutely made this possible! Each kids bunk is designed to feel like their own personal fort so they can have time alone. We also made sure that the master bedroom had a door that could lock and when you're inside with the door closed it becomes our own personal space to escape.

Scroll through to see how the Mayes squad makes the space work.

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