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How Blinds Can Improve Your Sleep

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If you experience a perfect sleep night after night, you're 100 percent one of the lucky ones.

While we might throw around statements like 'you can sleep when you're dead' or 'no rest for the wicked', the importance of shut-eye to your overall mental and physical wellbeing can't be denied (or ignored).

This can be helped by your surroundings, though. Are you able to create total darkness in your room, or do the street lights peeping through the windows prevent this from happening? Are you too hot (or too cold) when you hit the hay? Is there noise distracting you from peacefulness?

These are all obvious, yet sometimes forgotten, requirements for sleeping like a baby. Today we're going to address the darkness, because you have to take these things one step at a time. Compartmentalising is key.

If your current blinds aren't doing the trick — or worse, you don't have any blinds at all — you should be investing in made-to-measure blockout blinds. A good quality blockout blind is made with an acrylic coating to provide the ultimate light elimination, allowing solid sleep even during daylight hours. It's the kind of sleep you only experience at hotels.

Don't opt for ready-made blinds, though. You want the perfect fit for each window, no matter how big or small. Made-to-measure blinds also eliminate unwelcome gaps surrounding the blind which let sleep-disturbing chunks of light into the room. Not ideal. Sometimes the smallest amount of light is the most annoying amount of light.

Because your privacy is also super important, you can also combine a light-filtering or solar-screen blind for privacy and temperature control, along with a blockout blind for light elimination. This is easy done if you mount them on a duo bracket, specially designed to hold both screen and blockout blinds together.

From a practical and functional perspective, this is the formula for keeping our rooms dark, cool and quiet. Basically, it's the first ingredient to creating the sanctuary you've always craved, and experiencing the slumber you've always dreamt of.

Can you boudoir still look chic? You bet. Carpet Court's Le Reve (French for 'the dream') fabric is available in light, medium and dark neutral shades to perfectly complement whatever your room décor may be.

From sleek roller blinds for a modern, minimal mood to roman blinds for simplicity with a
little something-something, or a panel glide blind to screen your huge windows.Then there's Mantra — a distinctly textured, suave fabric designed with a stylish, on-trend colour palette in earthy, fresh tones. Carpet Court have a bunch of other beautiful blinds in their extensive collection to help you reach your sleep peak.

A girl can dream, right?

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