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How to Create Sexy Bedroom Lighting

The 1 Thing You Must Do to Your Bedroom Before Valentine's Day

A bedroom can be designed to perfection and pretty enough for the glossy pages of a magazine, but if the lighting is off then not even the fanciest designer decor can make it romantic. That's because lighting is a sexy mood maker — or killer. To help you master the art of mood lighting in time for Valentine's Day, we've broken down the four most important lighting qualities for romance and have even given you some great ideas on how to incorporate them into your own space. 


Ever notice how fantastic everyone looks in sunset photos? It's because the hazy, warm light at this time of day is extremely flattering — not to mention romantic. You can re-create the sunset's glow in your bedroom by using warm-hued light bulbs. Those bulbs tinted red, soft pink, and even orange make everyone look and feel great. 


There's a reason romantic restaurants area always dimly lit. A darkened atmosphere is conducive to romance and fosters a cosy intimacy. You can re-create it in your bedroom by installing a light dimmer. Dimmers are great because they give you the flexibility to turn light brightness up and down as needed and when the mood strikes. We recommend installing incandescent or halogen bulbs in your dimmer as these naturally give off a warm glow when turned down. By contrast, LED lights omit a cold-hued glow even when turned down.


Areas of sharp contrast between light and dark are unpleasant to the eyes and distract from romance. Be sure to turn off bright reading lights or other harsh light sources in your bedroom before things heat up, and soften the transition from harsh lights outside your room by hanging light diffusing curtains. It's also good to be mindful of lighting placement to prevent unflattering shadows, such as those that harsh overhead lights create.


A variety of attractive fixtures at different levels will facilitate the fuzzy glow most conducive to romance. For example, mercury glass votives with flickering candles and a dimmed crystal chandelier are the perfect recipe for romantic lighting. 

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Lisette Mejia
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