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Ikea and ASMR Are a Match Made in Sensorial Heaven

Ikea and ASMR Are a Match Made in Sensorial Heaven
Image Source: Ikea

On first glance, Ikea's latest TV spot might illicit some questions and a few "WTFs". Here is a woman, speaking in hushed tones and whose face we don't see, obsessively making a bed and arranging a university dorm room. That you, Ikea? Yes, but more specifically, "Oddly Ikea" — the name of the brand's new US campaign that draws on ASMR.

Otherwise known as an "autonomous sensory meridian response", ASMR is a popular movement where a variety of soothing, gentle stimuli bring about euphoric, calming and tingly feelings. It's become a common way to help people sleep and reduce anxiety, and in the case of Ikea, showcase different product benefits. We see sheets being smoothed out, pillows fluffed, shelves tapped and furniture pushed into place.

Though the advertisement was designed for the US market, you can watch the full 25-minute spot below, along with a few other product-specific ASMRs. So, whether you need some soothing sounds to get you through the work day, or been experiencing bouts of insomnia lately, put this on and chill.

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