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Ikea Instructions Tell Customer to Throw Away Screws

Wait, What?! These Ikea Assembly Instructions Had an Unexpected Twist

These IKEA instructions actually told me to throw away four screws at the end. from

Let's be clear: we freakin' love Ikea. It has supplied our homes with numerous affordable essentials, from surprisingly chic storage solutions to bathroom must haves and everything in between. But we'd be lying if we said the store's furniture is easy to put together. Sometimes it's a downright battle to get everything properly assembled (hey, even Ryan Reynolds knows that struggle), and matters are only made worse when the instructions include a confusing step that makes you want to scream "WTF?!"

Reddit user number1punjabi knows this feeling all too well. The user recently shared a snapshot of the directions he was following while building what appears to be a dresser with multiple drawers. The graphic on the paper instructed the customer to throw away four screws, as the picture shows them placed above a garbage can. Is Ikea for real right now? Why on earth were these extra screws even included in the packaging if their sole purpose was to end up in the trash? I mean, I guess it's cool to get four screws for free, but this would make me secretly wonder if my drawers were going to collapse without jamming in these screws somewhere.

When the user shared the picture on Reddit, many others quickly chimed in to offer up what other steps may have been included in this product's assembly instructions.

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