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6 Closet Organisation Tips I Learned Straight From an Ikea Pro

6 Closet Organisation Tips I Learned Straight From an Ikea Pro
Image Source: Ikea

Marie Kondo once said, "Storage should reduce the effort needed to put things away, not the effort needed to get them out." From personal experience, I can attest she's right. For years I lived with my bedroom in a state of perpetual clutter for the sole reason that there was no easy place for me to put my stuff away. Piles of pants grew into mountains, purses overflowed out of one tiny closet until the door wouldn't close, and shirts took up long-term residency atop one of three dilapidated dressers because the broken drawers required exhaustive wrestling to open. Soon the room was more laundry pile than personal space. I was overwhelmed, and my response was to keep the door shut.

Despite the poor condition my clothing and accessories were living in, I valued them and had spent time building a fashion collection I cared about. I wanted a storage solution to match; something that not only accommodated all my items, but celebrated them. I wanted a celeb-worthy dream closet — but getting Champagne on my beer budget wasn't going to be easy. Just when I had given up and resigned to living in a name-brand garbage dump, Ikea reached out to me.

The retailer's incredibly talented home tour makeover squad knew just how to give me the luxurious high-fashion wardrobe storage solution I craved at a reasonable price. Designer Stephanie Recupero led the project. After seeing the space and learning of my needs, she declared that a customized Pax wardrobe was just the solution I was looking for. Check out the slideshow ahead to learn Stephanie's six pro design decisions that made my closet so fantastic, and then read how my new wardrobe impacted so much more than my clothes.

Products and installation for the author were provided by Ikea for the purpose of writing this story.

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