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Moving Into a New Home

The 1 Thing I Wish I Had Known About Moving Into a New Home

When I became a homeowner several years ago, I thought I had everything I needed to begin my journey: boxes for packing, friends and family for moving, and of course, my design ideas. I didn't realise I was missing the most important thing ever new homeowner needs: patience.

Facing Reality

After moving in, I quickly realised a cold, hard truth: this ain't gonna happen overnight. What was once enough to decorate an entire apartment could barely fill two rooms in my new place. It was time to prioritise and consider three important questions: what items did I need, what rooms did I use the most, and what was my budget?

Focusing My Efforts

Starting out, I only had the budget to perfect three rooms, so I strategically focused my efforts on the spaces that I used the most: my sunroom-slash-living room, my kitchen, and also my guest bathroom. After I narrowed down my priorities, I made a list of "to-dos," including items like repainting the walls, getting decorative accents to fill a bookcase, and buying a new shower curtain. Then, I ever so slowly started checking them off my list.

Embracing the Process

I'm now going on four years in the house, and it has definitely come a long way since those very first few weeks. The sunroom-slash-living room is complete as well as the guest bathroom, but the kitchen still has a couple items patiently waiting to be marked off. Coming to the realization that designing a home is far from a linear process has been one of my biggest takeaways. It evolves as my priorities change and mature.


I've learned that the goal really isn't to finish a room. It is to appreciate the work it takes to make a space your own and to enjoy the process rather than to wish it away. There are still days where I catch myself thinking, "If I just had a rug in here, I would be so much happier with this room." But these thoughts are fleeting because I know that I will get there in time. Loving my house at every stage has been quite the experience, but I can say now that patience has helped me to cherish my in-the-works home more than I ever thought I could.

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