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Shop Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 Ultra Violet Home Decor

The Colour Purple Is Going to Help You Tackle 2018 Head On, We Promise

This feature is dedicated to our #NoChangeNoFuture initiative. From the Women's March, to Australia voting yes to same sex marriage, and the #MeToo movement, 2017 taught us to look beyond ourselves and come together as a collective of powerful women who are writing our own history. Join us as we cancel setting one-dimensional personal resolutions this January and commit to being the change we want to see. Because without change, there is no future.

You might not think that any colour will replace the part of your heart devoted to millennial pink. It's true, the nostalgic shade had legs — do you realise you've been coveting it since the tail end of 2015, when Pantone christened it "Rose Quartz" and made it the colour of 2016?

Two years later, and no doubt you're still opting for "the pink one" in all your beauty, fashion and home options. Not that there's anything wrong with that, the colour is flattering, inviting and still (surprisingly) modern. But if you like to ride at the cusp of the curve and trail-blaze into a trend, you need to direct your attention to purple.

Pantone named Ultra Violet the colour of 2018. The vibrant hue, which Pantone's executive director said evoked "inventiveness," "imagination," and "creative inspiration," isn't one we're used to seeing in abundance, but unlike 2017's colour Greenery (which most of the design world interpreted by filling homes with an abundance of leafy plants), purple has potential.

When it comes to decor, the particularly royal Ultra Violet works best in statement pieces, like photographer Kate Ballis' new artworks (you'll see them below), and smaller objects. If you're more of a toe-dipper than a dive-board jumper, there are two ways you can go: to the softer, pale, blue-based purples that most closely resemble millennial pink, and are a nice does of tranquillity (something we're going to need in 2018, no doubt) or to the richer, darker, warmer mulberries. And there's shopping available for it all.

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