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Toblerone Ice Cream Bars

You Deserve Good News: Toblerone Ice Cream Exists, and It's Shaped Like a Pyramid (Obviously)

You know what? You deserve some good news, and we're here to bring it to you. So here it is: Toblerone ice cream exists, and it's not going anywhere! According to Food University, the chocolate and ice cream hybrid is available at grocery stores in the UK, and based on photos of the delightful bars, they're formed in the signature Toblerone pyramid shape. We're already obsessed with the iconic, triangular milk chocolate and almond nougat bars, and adding ice cream into the mix seems like the only possible improvement on something so great.

Because we're big thinkers, we're envisioning Toblerone double-fisting — a Toblerone ice cream bar in one hand and a stick of Toblerone chocolate in the other. Don't hate us for our ingenuity; you can do the same thing if you ever visit the UK! And if that's not enough of a dessert hybrid for ya, just want until you hear about the fairy floss ice cream burrito . . . see what we meant about good news?

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