7 Questions We Need Answered in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Final Season

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Pop on your sitting skirt (IYKYK) and get those olives soaking in a dry martini because we are well underway with the fifth and final instalment of hit TV series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Prime Video. And yes, while we are here shedding a dramatic tear lamenting the end of this award-winning masterpiece (*ahem* 20 Emmy wins), there is still so much of Midge’s story we’re eager to see unfold. 

The end of season 4 left viewers with a real sense of ‘make or break’ as comedian Lenny Bruce (Luke Kirby) somewhat lights a fire under Midge – amidst a nasty New York snowstorm no less — pleading with her to give this whole showbiz thing a real and honest crack. Cut to the beginning of season 5 and we’re reunited with Midge who is battling hypothermia which is threatening to claim two of her toes. Despite the opportunity to make some great jokes about missing phalanges, Midge’s toes stay intact and so returns her fervor for making it big as a comedian. So here we are, it’s 1961 and there’s a real sense of go big or go home — but will Midge’s talent take her all the way?

If you’re a proud Maisel-head, or if you’ve recently discovered this tale about a post-war housewife pushing against the patriarchy and societal norms in her plight to become a stand-up comedian, then you’ll no doubt be itching to know what becomes of Midge. Ahead, we’re rounding up the seven biggest questions we need answered in The Marvelous Mrs Maisel final season, which you can catch on Prime Video.

Will Midge Survive the TV World?

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This season we’ve seen Midge transition into a new realm of comedy as she lands a job in the writers room at The Gordon Ford Show. While this may seem like a huge step forward, our gal is still coming up against the same sexist baloney she’s been privy to in the comic world. And not to mention the arbitrary rule that prohibits any writer from appearing on the show as a guest. We have a feeling Midge is far too talented (and headstrong to boot) to endure any more schlocky boys club jokes in the Gordon Ford Show writers room. 

How Does Midge Get Her Break Into the Big Leagues?

In episode 4 we see a flash forward scene featuring Midge in the 80’s (still serving, still fabulous obvs) being interviewed on 60 Minutes in a retrospective of her illustrious career as a performer. We’re told that Midge went on to dizzying heights including world tours, sold out shows and all the fame she ever wanted. But how she launches into the stratosphere is a question firmly planted on everyone’s lips. Will she use her contacts at The Gordon Ford Show and rub shoulders with the showbiz elite? Or perhaps someone saw her perform as a garbage man at the tradeshow — hey, crazier things have happened in Hollywood, baby.

Will Midge Repair Her Relationships With Her Children?

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A throughline that pops up across all the seasons of The Marvellous Mrs Maisel is hammering home the sacrifices Midge makes as a mother in her pursuit of stardom. But in this final season we are starting to see the effects her career path has had on her children. Jumping into the future in the 80s we see her daughter, Esther coming to terms with her childhood during a therapy session and Ethan has moved far away from the spotlight to Israel to become a Rabbi. It’s clear there has been a development of a fractious relationship in the family home, but just how they got there, how they patch things up or if they even do — remains to be told.

Is Midge and Susie’s Friendship Over For Good?

They’re a pair of expletive-wielding wise crackers that have formed an unlikely friendship — Midge and Susie are the kind of BFFs that’ll never say they are but we all know what’s going on. In the 60 Minutes interview, Midge is quizzed on the breakdown of her personal and professional relationship with Susie and her response is muted and laced with melancholy. What is the straw that broke the camel’s back? We suspect on Midge’s rise to the top she forgot to take/thank the ones who got her there in the first place. No matter what went down we’re desperately praying for a reunion between these two – if they don’t, who else is going to swear 85 times in a minute?

Will We See More of Rose and Abe?

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Undoubtedly two of the most beloved characters in this series are Midge’s parents — Rose and Abe. Some of the most brilliant dialogue in TV history has been shared by these two, played in an absolute masterclass by Marin Hinkle and Tony Shalhoub. Plenty of fans of the show are rejecting the notion that their ~onscreen parents~ won’t be around any more. Manifest away, folks!

What’s Going to Happen With Susie and Hedy?

We’re thrown a curveball in season 5 with Susie running into an old flame from college. The flame in question? Well, she’s none other than Mrs Gordon Ford. It would appear that things didn’t end on great terms but it’s obvious something is still simmering away between Susie and Hedy. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out as it could be a major determining factor in the breakdown of the friendship between Midge and Susie. 

Who Does Midge End Up With?

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There has been plenty of chatter online wondering who our Midge will end up with romantically. With Joel’s girlfriend Mei out of the picture, it opens up a window for a possible rekindling between Mr and Mrs Maisel. There’s also the question of Gordon Ford’s advancements and the devilishly handsome (man) Sylvio played by Milo Ventimiglia who swans back into the picture. In the 60 Minutes interview we’re told that Midge has a string of failed relationships, so perhaps she is destined to be a lone wolf conquering the world one punchline at a time – that feels like the perfect way to sum up Mrs Maisel. In a man’s world she never needed a man to come out on top – she did it her way and she did it all on her own.

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