Full-Time Gaming Creator Natalie Acquisto Is Building a Community for Female Gamers

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A full-time gamer and gaming content creator, Natalie Acquisto — who goes by NatChats online — has some pretty impressive credentials. She was the first-ever Australian gamer to partner with Facebook Gaming and also the first Australian gamer to hit half a million followers on the platform.

Acquisto says she initially got into gaming after watching it, and that it’s been the best decision she’s ever made. “I thought ‘this is so awesome, you can game and stream’, so [I] decided to take a chance and build a community,” she tells POPSUGAR Australia. “I think that’s what made the journey so special — that I took a chance and had no expectations.”

These days, a typical day for her is filming content, including TikToks and vlogs, and then doing a live gaming stream. She recently moved back home so she could enjoy more quality time with her friends and family and restore more balance into her life, despite her hectic schedule.

As for what it’s like being a woman in the gaming space, Acquisto says it’s been amazing to see how many are finally thriving in the industry and being recognised for it. She says the talent and growth within the female gaming industry are extremely exciting.

“I think it’s important never to gender base any dreams or opportunities you may have,” she says. “If you believe in something you want to achieve, go for it. Irrespective of what society says, do what you want to do follow your dreams, it’s important.” 

Acquisto herself feels privileged she was able to turn her hobby into a career. She says she understands she’s a role model to her community and that what she puts out has the potential to influence those who watch.

“It’s extremely important for me as a female gamer to inspire, motivate and create a safe space where people feel appreciated and accepted,” she says. “If I can improve someone’s day and put a smile on their face, I feel accomplished. The world needs love and as an online gamer, I try to give the most I can to the community. I get to use my platform to create a space people know they can come to every day.”

To her, being unstoppable means that no matter how many challenges she faces, she continues and doesn’t give up. She says it’s normal for humans to feel like they aren’t growing or progressing, or that their current successes aren’t good enough. Being unstoppable, then, is understanding you will always face the lows, but having the discipline to carry on and pull yourself together and keep going.

The gaming industry is set to become more and more competitive, Acquisto predicts. Currently, it offers plenty of opportunities for those keen to do it professionally and brings people together from all around the world.

“For a lot of people, gaming is an escape — a place to unwind and be social,” she says. “And it’s only getting bigger.”

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