Here's What 2 Engineers Learned From Interviewing Some of the Most Powerful Women in Tech

Kit Wu

Cohosts Jenny Wang and Samantha Wiener with Techsetters guest Alexia Bonatsos, startup investor and former editor-in-chief of TechCrunch

Sam and Jenny are the cohosts of Techsetters, a podcast produced by Karlie Kloss and Kode With Klossy. This piece reflects their own opinions and not necessarily those of the Kode With Klossy team. Listen to the first and second season of Techsetters on Apple Podcasts. The third season of the podcast will be hosted live soon.

After graduating college from Columbia and Harvard, and working across technology, startups, and venture capital, we still questioned if we would ever feel like we belonged in Silicon Valley. Even though our degrees were in computer science, there were moments where others were surprised to see us participate in engineering teams or contribute to technical projects. We realised we had impostor syndrome and that it was pervasive among women in tech.

We started to seek out leaders from nontraditional backgrounds who forged their own dream roles, and seeing more examples helped us remember that there is no single path to success. And during this quest to find role models whom we could see ourselves in, we created our podcast, Techsetters.

With Techsetters, we are pulling back the curtain and showing that tech is accessible to everyone. Each conversation touches on the real stories, triumphs, and failures of successful women who are building the future. We truly believe that you can’t be what you can’t see, and we hope some of the actionable advice we’ve learned from Techsetters guests – starting with advice from our collaborator and mentor Karlie Kloss – can inspire you.

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