See Repeating Numbers Everywhere? Here’s What Angel Numbers Are Trying to Tell You

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Growing up, I always knew that when the clock struck 11:11, I should make a wish, but I never understood why. The answer lies in numerology, the study of numbers and their mystical and spiritual significance in our lives. Numbers, it turns out, are a major way that our guardian angels communicate with us on the daily. “Angel numbers are the messages that your high vibrational being support team, otherwise known as your guardian angels, send you in order to give you support, guidance, or a nudge to go in a different direction,” said Mystic Michaela, a psychic medium and aura reader who wrote The Angel Numbers Book. Essentially, they’re signs from the universe, tailored just for you.

To learn more about angel numbers and their meanings, POPSUGAR spoke with Mystic Michaela. Even if you’re not a full-on psychic medium, you still totally have the power to communicate with your spiritual advisors who often send messages in the form of repeating numbers. Maybe you already see these angel numbers everywhere you go, or maybe you’ve been missing your signs. Either way, keep reading to learn how to get better at working with angel numbers in your life.

What Are Angel Numbers, and Where Can You Find Them?

It’s simple: You can find angel numbers anywhere. According to Michaela, angel numbers can “show up on receipts, license plates, bills, every time you check the clock, and even time stamps on emails.” Your angels use any opportunity they have to send messages, so you can find these numbers of significance in a wide range of places.

“Your angels are just that, they are yours,” Michaela told POPSUGAR, explaining that these messages are also put in just the right place for you. “The messages they have for you are curated specifically for you and delivered in ways that you would notice more than others.” Still, she said, our willingness to receive angel numbers matters. “It’s important to stay open to seeing them, and open to seeing more of them,” she said.

So, if you see a set of repeating numbers, this is a good indicator to pay attention, especially if you see the same number multiple times. “Numbers that follow you in such a frequent way that goes beyond the concept of coincidence is called synchronicity,” Michaela told POPSUGAR. “Synchronicity is the language of your angels. They want to get your attention with the repetition of certain numbers in order to make you wake up to a meaning you need to take in.”

What Should You Do When You See Angel Numbers?

Now that you’ve identified an angel number, what should you do? First, take a moment to celebrate – your angels are sending you a message of compassion. “The point of seeing angel numbers is for self-improvement, love, and support,” Michaela said. “Giving yourself these things is a really good [idea] upon seeing the numbers.”

Next, get to thinking about what specifically they’re trying to tell you. It’s all about tapping into your own intuition, since you’re the best judge of what your angels want to say. “Reflecting on it is the first step,” Michaela explained. “Think about what is going on in your life right now that [the number] has significance towards.”

Finally, she said, you should think about what steps you could take to bring you closer to your highest self. “There is always a call to action when you see an angel number,” Michaela said. “When you see one that stops you in your tracks, immediately think about what you can do about it.”

What Do Angel Numbers Mean?

Coming up with your angel number action plan is easier when you know what the different sequences mean. In addition to checking the cheat sheet of the most common angel numbers below, Michaela has some suggestions about what to do when you encounter an angel number.

There are four main considerations you should make when deciphering your message, according to Michaela. They are

1. Present circumstances in your life 2. The location in which you saw it 3. The number itself 4. The emotions it brings you upon looking at it

Angel numbers always have to do with the present moment and the things currently going on in your life. Do you have a big presentation coming up and just saw 2:22 on the clock? That’s your angels sending you some positive reinforcement. Not sure about your standing with your crush but then get a receipt for $5.55? That means change is coming. When you see an angel number, identify what’s been on your mind lately – that’s probably what they want to help you with!

The location of your angel number can also give you clues about its intended message. For example, “Numbers at home can have to do with your personal relationship to self, numbers at work can point to your contributions to the world as a whole,” Michaela explained.

The numbers themselves also have inherent meaning. When you see an angel number, you can do a quick internet search to find out its significance, and then do some thinking on how that relates to your current life. Figure out the number’s traditional meaning and then apply it to your life.

Lastly, your emotional reaction to the number matters. “Your emotions are a huge part of understanding what your Angels are trying to tell you,” Michaela said. “Every number you see is infused with an emotional message. Paying attention to how you feel the moment you see the number matters, as it’s part of what you are supposed to know.” Moving through these four elements when you see an angel number will help you figure out the message it carries.

How Can You Ask For Clarification?

You can think of your guardian angels as your spiritual advisors, or your team on the other side. Just by paying more attention to the angel numbers that show up in your life, you are developing a better relationship with them, but you can take this one step further. If you need help, guidance, or clarification, you can ask for it, initiating more of a dialogue with your angels. “Your angels want you to ask for clarification,” Michaela explained. “This is not a one-way conversation. You can ask questions and then actively be prepared to look for answers in the world around you as they respond.”

What Are the Most Common Angel Numbers? And What Do They Mean?

If you are constantly seeing angel numbers but you can’t seem to figure out what they mean, Mystic Michaela is here to help. Here is Michaela’s basic guide to common angel numbers and what they mean. Below, you can read to gain a better understanding of what common angel numbers might be trying to tell you, according to Michaela.

111: Screenshot

Pause and see where you are right now.

When you see 111, think of the universe as taking a “screenshot” of your frame of mind right now. Whatever is going on – all your thoughts, energy, goals and dreams – is going to be replicated. When you see 111, get on a high vibe quickly, so you can manifest your best life moving forward.

222: Angel Trust Fall

Your angels ask you to trust your place in life right now.

You are in the right place at the right time. Take a look around and enjoy the moment. It’s all where it’s supposed to be.

333: Equilibrium

Your angels remind you to balance your mind, body, and spirit connection.

Get some meditation going, embark on that workout routine, and finally start that vision board you’ve been procrastinating on. They want you to look at the areas of your life that are not fully rounded out, and self-correct.

444: Protective Magic

Your prayers are heard.

This number assures you that you are being heard. Your angels are guiding you, surrounding you and answering your prayers for protection. It may be a time of struggle, but you are being led into the light by your guardians. Take a moment to thank your angels for their protective presence in your life.

555: Major Change

This number is a strong message from your angels to get your mindset right, because change is coming.

Change can be seen as a negative thing, but with the right mindset and the right alignment to your goals it’s actually your angels’ way of readjusting your life to fit with what you want to happen. Life will look different when you get what you want!

666: Personal Responsibility

It’s time to reflect!

This number can have very negative connotations to some, but from your angels it’s actually a powerful reminder to stop focusing on the material world so much. This is a strong message from your angel guardians to take personal responsibility in your own life, and ask yourself in all areas, “What do I need to do differently?”

777: Face fear

Trust the divine.

Your angels are asking you to release the fear of the unknown, to trust spirit and give up your control of what’s going to happen next. Your angels are telling you to not fear the future, rather to embrace it with faith that it’s all in your best interest, perfect in the design brought to you by your most trusted guardian angels.

888: Good Job

Make space for me.

You are doing well, and your angels are proud of you. Take a look around and practice gratitude for how far you’ve come. Abundance in some form is coming to you now. Make space in your life to allow the universe to take things into its own hands. List the fears you have and release them!

999: Fulfillment

Visualise what’s next.

This number means that the cycle of what you have been doing is reaching completion, that you are at the finish line of your end goals and it’s time to start leveling up to visualize some new ones. What can you do to tie up loose ends?

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