These Are the Most Popular Quintessential Aussie Baby Names of 2021

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With an increasing understanding of gender fluidity and the importance of individuality, there’s never been a more important time for choosing the perfect baby name.

I don’t know about you, but when I envisage a mini-me in a classroom, I’d love for their name to be unique and special to them. recently came out with a list of the “top bogan baby names of 2021”, which basically just means the most stereotypical Australian names and honestly, there are some really cute ones.

Most Popular Aussie Names For Girls


Look, we can’t deny that it does resemble Chardonnay (nothing wrong with that), but it also has the same pronunciation and Sade, who is arguably one of the most sultry musicians to date. Not sure about the spelling, but actually love this name.


This name has a spiritual meaning, as it’s the name of the first book in the bible. The name originates from Hebrew and means ‘origin, birth’. You could also shorten it to Jen, Jene or Sissy — all of which are v cute.


Mattel is the name of the company that produces the Barbie and Ken dolls, so in the name of body positivity, I’m not 100 percent sure on this one. In saying that, it has a very cool gender-neutral edge to it and who didn’t love a Barbie playhouse growing up?


I mean, it’s really just Charlotte, but spelled differently. We love a quirky spelling moment here in Australia, it’s really quite undeniable.


I’m not sure I’d like to named Summerbreeze, but you’ve got to admit that it’s got a bit of a ring to it. It sounds like a delicious summer beverage or a sweet-smelling perfume.


Again, this is just Trinity but spelt differently. I love a bit of individuality but I’m not sure if three y’s is suuuuuper necessary. Either way, pretty name.


Now, this might be an unpopular opinion, but I actually kind of love this name. Bubs named Velveeta are surely destined to become superstars? Or at least have some kind of hot witch vibes to them. It feels very ’80s. Here for it.


Omg. This is like if high school kids in 2009 changed the spelling of Wednesday to the ‘trendy’ way of spelling. You’ve got ‘da boiz’, you’ve got ‘haaaaai’ and you’ve got ‘Wednezdai’.


You’ve got to hand it to them, adding a Z to the start of a name does make it somewhat more interesting. Zennifer, Zaura, Zacqueline… I feel like you can absolutely get away with this if you make bold fashion choices.

Most Popular Aussie Names For Boys


I actually really like this. I don’t know why. It’s got a bit of superhero energy to it, so long as they don’t actually…crash.


This is kinda clever because yes, this name is pronounced ‘Fish’, but looking at it on the page, it reads like a super-smart IT guy or something.


This name is actually of German origin, meaning ‘bright and brilliant’ and I’ve gotta say, I don’t mind it.


I’m not sure about this one. It’s the ‘sin’ part for me, it just has connotations of evil (probably my Catholic upbringing coming through) and also Jackson is a perfectly lovely spelling of this name.


I love the way this name sounds, but not a fan of the spelling. Cuba? Cute. Kuba? Nah.


Awww. I mean the sentiment is cute, but no. That’s a lot of pressure for a little man to bear, because what even defines a legend?


Is this London, but spelt wrong? I don’t like this spelling. I think when taking names from actual places, it’s respectful and important to keep the spelling of the name…or maybe less y’s is just what I’m after.


This is cute, but it’s also the name of a deodorant that reminds me of high school locker rooms so for personal reasons, not for me.


This is the obvious creation of someone with a love for cars and watches. I think Rolex is a pretty cute name actually, but not sure about Rolexus. Rolf for short?

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